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This is just incomprehendable...

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Sa Palomera

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What a week! And trust me when I say, that's not an understatement, I think it's been the most intense week of my life!!

First there was that devastating shooting in Alphen a/d Rijn last saturday, in which 7 people got killed (read more: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/42507856/ns/world_news-europe/).

Then also during that weekend there was a bit of a situation between me and a housemate. I can't go into it, but it was hurtful.

I'm already stressed to the max because of all these exams I've got this week and deadlines, and of course the move (I'm moving tomorrow/sunday) brings on a LOT of stress as well... And the fact that I am being separated from Madeleine my cat.

Also Wednesday evening late I found out about Aaron from here, that he'd killed himself last weekend. Which was quite a shock for me.
And then there's yesterday, which is probably the biggest shock of all...

There's a traintrack in town here, and well, this particular track (especially around this particular trainstation) is known for having the most suicides (december 2007 alone, 11 suicides). Usually it doesnt get to me, I'm just annoyed cos the trains won't ride for a few hours, and that's particularly annoying during exam weeks.
And yes, yesterday morning someone committed suicide again... I missed my exam because the trains didn't ride again but I didn't feel right..
and then last night I heard. the guy who killed himself, 14 years old, was from down the block here, he was the younger brother of my team mate from football.
I feel so bad about it all..

All in all, I'm running on my last breath here. I'm stressed to the point where my body just aches all over, and my asthma doesn't exactly help.
And all these allergies acting up, and my asthma, and the situation with my housemate, and all this stress from the move and exams and these deaths and that shooting...

I'm just so bloody drained... I honestly don't think I can take one more thing.
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Sounds like it is time to take a 'time-out' and do something good for yourself...a bunch of flowers ... buying a new CD...:piano:...having your hair done...:pixie:anyting to remind you how wonderful you are...:hippy: and how much you have done this year...step back and feed your soul...you are tired and vunerable now...please continue to post and let us know how you are doing...big hugs


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You have been thru alot... Try telling yourself it's not your fault.. Positive self talk is a copeing skill.. Like sad eyes said take a breakk if only an hour.. Go soak in a hot tub..It will help relax you.. Please don't take all this on your shoulders..

total eclipse

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How devastating for you please please take some time out okay just for you.
Do one thing at least for you okay go for a long walk take a long bath but unwind okay talk to someone as well if you can a coucillor at your school hugs to you
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