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    Ok If you read my past history somewhere you would know that I have bad relationship with my parents or should I say NO relationship so than becuase of that in 8th grade I had gotten emotionally attached to a school counselor and than I would call her at home or at work and so on I mean every minute I got i went to go see her.

    freshman year came n high school ppl found out about my attachment and they asked me to cut it off I did but I was never able to let go of her until junior year(this year) and than I was all happy I mean I still thought of her everynow and than but just than Last night I had a dream which started bugging me...........

    So here is what happens for odd reasons me and my two so called friends were sitting across the street from the middle school on a bench and than My cousenselor comes outside so we go and see her and than since the parking lot was empty she said why dont we play hide and seek I was like :laugh: ok thats fine so we started playing and than it was one of my so called friends turn so we all went hiding and Me n my cousenlor went and hid in this little corner as we got there I just hugged her like if I saw my mom after long long time and I started crying so did she. and then My so called friend found so we pretended like nothing happend again we did the same thing..... but than after this time we went home. and then my cousenlors co worker saw her with me and she knew I wasnt suppoes to be with her so she told the principal and principal fired her and she lost her job becz of me :(
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    No she lost her job because she chose to do something wrong. She is an adult she is to be in control Nothing was your fault She had a choice and she made the wrong one she should have as an adult tell you to stay away
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    I agree but I am assuming u forgot the part where it said it waas just a dream whcihc is now bugging me
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    Since it's a dream, she represents an attachment to someone, not necessarily her. You are holding something back. That's where your crying. You are releasing something. It could be anything. If she cries, which she does, it represents an attachment that was mutual. You and something else needs closure.