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This is just too obvious!

So this every other day depression crap is just too blatantly obviously. Yesterday, I was up and out of the house at 7, walked 2 miles, did yard work, shopped, visited a friend in the evening, etc. Today, I woke up and could feel the difference immediately. Feel like total crap, can barely get dressed, feel hopeless etc. I did have a few drinks last night and perhaps combined with medication was not a good idea, but it should not have made that much difference and this was only a one time thing that doesn’t happen often.
Yesterday I was content with my life.....today I want it over and want to be admitted.
How the hell can this be? Cant keep ‘living’ like this,,,,,💛😥
I empathise deeply.
on the days we are ok ,we want it to keep going .
True...I tried getting all this stuff done yesterday knowing the potential for today to be shitty was there. Was hoping to get 2 good days in a row....I did a few times before.
May I ask what your diagnosis is? I am starting to think I am bipolar though that is not one of my diagnoses. I have ocd, ptsd, anxiety and depression😥

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