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this is most likly my last post!

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I have taken all of your very false and optimistic outlooks on life into consideration and decided I'm way too fucked up for even "you" to understand. that is why, if all goes well, this will be my last entry. I won't even attempt suicidw if I know there is a possibility that I may be stopped, with as nosey of a husband as I have its a good possibility. anyway hopfully this is the last post I have. thanks for the optimism, which I used to believe in!
You are angry at us for telling you to hang on, hope, live...

I don't know much about you...nor do I know why you are suffering...


I guess I can't help you...

The only thing I can tell you...is...

that you are suffering because you did something wrong, and you won't admit it.

No one is perfect; we all make mistakes, we must take that into consideration..

If what I said is not true about you, then say it.
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What optimism people give isnt false, its all they have left, the last desperate words they hang onto themselves. If you truly want to die, step back and consider why. If its a tangible reason then consider what options you have to change the situation. Ive seen in other posts that you have a daughter. Surely any mother she has, regardless of drinking or whatever, is better than growing up without one. Children are highly adaptable, they accept many situations as normal, however you think she should respond. Hang in there, just for a week for her, and tell yourself that youre going to suffer through a week of living for her sake, give her a week of devotion and attention, and then if you still need to, go ahead. Im available on pm if you need a chat. Hope you get through this.


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if there was some reason for my hoplessness I would have explained it before. my unhappieness is not situational. as for my daughter I'm trying to help her have a future of normality. how can a drunk, suicidal, depressed person raise a child? the longer I stay alive, the more time I steal from her!
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