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This Is My Life.

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I live in a house with my mum, step dad, little siter (disabled) and my half brother.
I suffer from domestic violence. No. I have never been hit. But being told your mothers been in a car crash then coming home only to find she's *just* been beaten again, well it feels like I'm suffering.
I wake up to arguing everyday.
I have a baby brother and a disabled sister to look after, feeding, getting to school ect. I just turned 17.I wont lie, I can't cope. I've managed two years on my own though...
Everytime I have to eat I feel physically sick. I have no eating disorder, I just don't want to live.
The worst part it, my Mum blames me for everything. I'm doing my best.
People wonder why I've tried to end my life. I'd like to see them cope.
Sorry for moaning. But I needed to rant a bit.


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Please try and get some outside help as soon as possible talk to your doctor,minister,social services anyone you can trust to help you.It is only fair you have a life of your own.Best wishes:hugtackles:
You don't need to apologize for moaning--you have every right to be upset and we're here for you to vent to. I would definitely take the previous poster's advice and find some way to get external help from some sort of figure or organization. You and your family deserve to be healed.
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