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This is not fair!!!!! (sort of long)

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I belong to a US only swapping site. I have done three trades on this site and the first two went real smoothly. My last trade was back in November 2010. It is what the site calls a three way trade. In other words, the person I am sending my item to is not the same person I am going to get my item from.

My part of the trade was to send out an Eagles box set of 9 CDs that were brand new and factory sealed. When I shipped my item I put delivery confirmation numbers on it and paid a few dollars more to insure the set incase the PO lost the package. I was not willing to replace the package out of my pocket for little over $100 on Amazon. I also sent it out priority mail and not media mail. My item arrived and the person left me positive feedback and loved the item.

So I eagerly waited for the item I was supposed to receive in return. The sender was supposed to mail to me a DVD set called Kimagure Orange Road 3 disc DVD Box Set, which for new I can only find for $145 and his was stated in very good condition. The set is not so easy to get ahold of so you can see why I would trade for it.

After three weeks of waiting I contacted the sender and they told me that they had sent out the package media mail and he gave me tracking numbers. So looking up the tracking numbers the package was scanned somewhere on its route in Bell, CA. So I figured I would wait. The package was never scanned again after going to Bell, CA.

After the holidays I was tired of waiting I contacted the sender again and asked where my item is. He told me, and I quote:

"i sent the damn thing out and if you didnt get it then that is your fault not mine there is insurance on it and i wont pay for a new one"

So I called USPS and they pretty much told me that they could do nothing for me and that I had to have the sender contact them. So I told the sender that. By this time I have the swap site involved who tell me that since the item was scanned in they can not help me. But scanned does not mean it was delivered.

So I contact the sender again. He did say he had insurance on it. He contacts me back at the middle of January and I quote again:

"thanks for letting me know that the package had not arrived, usps gave me a refund of $175 but according to (leaving website name out) i don't have to replace your item. insurance is for the sender not the receiver your SOL"

oh yeah I was ticked!!!! This butthead just pretty much told me that not only did he file for the insurance but now he still will not replace my item!!! So I contact the website again. They again tell me that he used DC and the item was scanned and they can do nothing to help me. They don't even care that he got his item and the money from my item too!!!!

So I contacted the website again. I wanted the name and address of the person so that I could file a report. There has to be some law saying this is fraud. Since I didnt send my item to him I didnt have this information. They turn around and tell this privacy policy mumbo jumbo. So now without his contact information I can not go through consumer agencies to help me.

So I pulled everything I had up for trade down. Who wants to trade and pay fees to a website that refuses to help file charges or even restrict website use to a fraudulant swapper.

Out of the blue, last week I get a postal update email. You would not believe this... that ignorant jerk got his package sent back to himself!!! Yeah, so now not only does he have the item he received in the trade, the cash from the insurance, but also the item he sent out as well!!! It was marked as "delivered" in (area removed) CA.

Well that was the final straw, but I stayed calm and nice and explained to him that he had more than benefited in this trade and that I would appreciate if he would please send me my item. This annoying human being has the nerve to not only send me the link to his EBay auction but again I quote:

"i put it up on ebay this weekend, (removed link) if you want you buy it there i dont care you dont get your movie and i get everything (explicit words removed)"

So now I am pissed. I have a website who will do nothing, I have sender who refuses to do something when he has already made out on the trade, I can't rate negative the system wont let me and now I am not only out of the CD set I had to trade but also the items I should have received and then told that if I want it that I have to buy it from him AGAIN!!!

Never ever EVER again will I use a stupid swap site!!!


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I thank you so much for showing me that website, and I have that boxed set already. With this series there is a TV series and then an OVA which fills in the gaps between the movie and the TV series I already have. The version I wanted was the OVA box set which included a movie to finish my collection and fill in the time line, if you happen to find it for cheap please let me know

amazon Kimagure Orange Road OVA Movie

In case the OVA thing confused you, you can read about it here:


I wish I could take the person to judge judy or something but the site refuses to give me even a name and address so that I can file with consumer protection agencies or other websites to help me obtain my item.
I did not want to answer to much because what that guy did to you was so douchebaggy it made my brain want to scream.

Seriously,I hope he gets that video from "The Ring" sent to him one day.
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