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  1. I don't know where to start explaining this to you. So I am going to type a few things and all that I ask is that you, just for a few moments, leave aside 'mind'. That is to say, just read this without letting mind make judgements, then afterwards of course, if you feel so inclined, contemplate these things.

    I could jump to the 'Absolute' level right now but I want to try to point a few things out, that you, right now, can verify by your own direct experience.

    Right now, drop whatever 'story' you would tell about yourself to a therapist or hotline about how much you are suffering or have been hurt etc. Drop even the yournamehere story that you tell people you meet when they ask who you are what do you do etc.

    It seems that most beings look to increase their level of happiness, contentment, peace. But what if the only thing preventing you from absolute contentment and peace is just a shift in perspective?

    Start paying attention to mind. If you are diligent enough and focus your attention in such a way, you will see when thoughts arise and subside back into Awareness. IF you don't notice mind, then what happens? The 'I' thought starts; which is to say mind will extrovert and start identifying with objects "I need to do this, or.." "I now that if I make this trip it could be boring, but I think, it might be fun, " I I I I that is what happens, you can notice this right now. But if you are aware then if the 'I' thought comes up your very own being, your focus, your Awareness, will stop the thought in its tracks.

    This is not a quick fix, this is a Sadhana, a practice that I can promise you, and there are 1000's of years of this practice (Advaita Vednata wiki it) sometimes known as Self-Inquiry to back this up, and again, you can confirm this with your own direct experience, but it does work. We are REALLY talking about the end of suffering, the end of grasping and holding onto objects, complete liberation, enlightenment if you will.

    Please if you have read this far, allow me to say one more thing for you to contemplate.

    Do you always suffer? are you always happy? if you deeply investigate this through direct experience you will see that all these are are thoughts (which are subtle objects) that come and go. And anything that comes and goes an object. Ffind That which does not come and go For there to be something perceived, there needs to be a perceiver. With you, the Witness, the Perceiver even the very thought process is perceived by you. You are more subtle then even mind, because you are AWARE of mind. therefore you are the witness of mind, therefore you are ALAWAYS free, and ALWAYS have been and ALWAYS will be because the objects depend on you, you not on them.
    You are That to with everything appears. If you were not reading this right now, would you still exist? Yes, you would. Reality is non-dual.

    If you desire the end of suffering and to spend every day in bliss and complete nirvana I strongly encourge you to just start focusing your attention on the space between your thoughts. Shift your Awareness, to That which is shifting the Awareness. It is only one step. please watch this for more information. Also, the wiki article on Self-Inquiry is pretty concise.

    This is a link to the documentary about Ramana Maharshi, who sat in a cave in silence for 11 years after realizing The Self.
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