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    No amount of ‘I’m sorry‘s’
    Could tame the wounded beast
    That grew like a fungus
    In my chest

    I could remember every moment
    Like it flooded through me
    Five years of not knowing
    Folded in a cloud
    And this is breaking through me
    Words can’t type themselves
    Fast enough
    To shape the message
    I’m aching for strangers to understand

    I feel I have the universe in my palm
    Like I’ve reached God
    Like I have something inside of me
    So important
    That if I don’t stop writing I’ll forget
    Like if I don’t have one person somewhere
    That will read and know
    That I will have touched heaven
    And my nightmares of suicide and Satanism
    Will recede with hung heads

    That in the wording, the knowing
    The aching passage of unspent time
    Bleak and unforgiving hours stretched like
    I’m tearing hope open wide
    I’m falling upwards
    I can’t stop
    This is …

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    Hugs to you
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