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    I took my dog on a short walk this morning. With my son in the stroller, its usually about as much fun as I'm capable of having. Must admit that I get a kick out of it, even though today was uncomfortably warm. This time for some reason I glanced around at my neighborhood and noticed some strange stuff about quite a few houses.

    One that looked abandoned, or at least unoccupied had its driveway up a short hill, with a huge chunk of the driveway ground down to dirt. (You'd probably have been uncomfortable taking anything that wasn't an SUV or pick-up truck across it, it was that big a drop.) Plus a lawn that was covered in weeds and certainly hadn't been mowed yet this year.

    Another one, same situation. Had some kiddie toys in the yard...but what dawned on me was that it was the same kiddie toys in the same place as I remember seeing them on at least two recent walks. And somebody had kicked a hole in the wood garage door, about one foot square. You could see right into the garage from the street. The yard was a mess, full of junk, but it looked like somebody had run a lawnmower across it.

    One house has been for sale since before we moved here last July. I'm confident it has been on the market with the same "For Sale By Owner" (FSBO) sign in front for at least a year now, with the owner not living on-site. Yard looks like garbage. Bizarrely, it looks like the owner or somebody paid to have the driveway re-done. Only problem is, the driveway has been roped off ever since they did it, I'm guessing about two weeks ago. And the ropes are still in place.

    One house I can't figure out. Looks like hell, but looks occupied. Possilbly rented.

    Three houses had "for sale" signs, using realtor's in front. I'm honestly not sure how long they've been for sale, but I think they've been on the market for a bit, like at least three months. I think two were unoccupied, but of recent vintage. There was one house that I swear was for sale last week, and had been on sale for upwards of a year, but the sign's been taken down. Presumably they've just taken it off the market? Looked like whoever owned it was still living there.

    I know one house on my walk route was sold to an investor a/k/a house "flipper" recently, but I'm not sure which one it was. I think I vaguely remember another house with an overgrown lawn but some nice ornamental plants in front on the last walk we took on Friday. But, if so, someone had mowed the lawn between then and now. Possibly that one's it. It had some outside lights on at 10 AM, FWIW.

    I guess it is funny the things you see but don't notice or that don't register sometimes. It just struck me as very weird, and not a little creepy. I mean, this was just on a twenty minute walk. guess I shouldn't spend so much time in my own head? :blink:

    Anyway, I'm curious if anybody else has noticed anything like this where they are...or if it just my neck of the woods?
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    Strains of the Twilight Zone theme song waft across thread. :blink:


    They aint been beamed away have they :unsure:
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