This is the end, beautiful friend.

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    I think I'll stop wooing this girl I've liked since december, I mean she rarely goes out with me (but chats with my daily, although lately she rarely says more that 4 words), always makes up excuses and I don't think she's interested in me anymore.
    Besides I think I overdid my rudeness towards her, I don't think she finds it funny anymore (and if she would only get off her damn laptop and actually socialize with me face to face, she would get that my insults are little more than me playing with her).

    So I wrote her a poem last saturday, I sent it to her and began having stomach cramps and trembling all over my body.
    Her response was a simple "oooooooooh, my friend you're in love!". She didn't even get that the girl I was writing about was HER!
    So on sunday I talked to her again, I told her that I didn't write that while being in love (I'm not, I just like her) and then she said that was I was mistaken. I told her that she had a flaw in her argument, since if it was true that to write that I had to be in love, that meant that I was in love with her. So she finally when "oooooooh" and figured out that what she read was a poem about her. She liked it, really really liked it and she proceed to thank me for my beautiful words. Then like always, I say a few words to drive her away, I'm just too fucking scared to admit that I like her online. If I'm going to say that I like her, I'm going to say it in front of her, and if I'm going to be rejected then I want her to see me in the eyes and reject me, instead of reading "i dont like u" on a fucking screen. But the thing is, that she barely goes out with me.

    I don't think this is the place to ask advice on this kind of girl but, she's really social, likes to go out to dance on clubs, TONS of guys write tell her on facebook on gorgeous she is... daily.
    I prefer hanging out with close people, I don't know how to dance (I always make up the excuse of "I play instruments, I don't have to dance"), I don't comment on her pics but I've told her flat-chested, dumbass bimbo, among other nice things.

    Will she believe I like her if I told her? I mean, I've treated her "nicely rude" since I met her, the first time I showed my feelings for her was in that poem, but maybe she's just used to poems along with being called gorgeous (a photographer even took photos of her).
    I only told the things I don't share with her, but I like her mostly because of her bright mind, her interesting points of view, her charisma, how she's as much of a bladder mouth as me, how she likes to drink a lot even though she gets drunk fast, her cornyness (yes, I fucking hate cornyness and romantic comedies, but she's so cute when she gets like that... and kind of annoying too).
    She believes in giving attention to people, like not looking up to her cellphone when talking to someone, looking straight in the eyes.
    She always tells me to play videogames with her and share a six pack, watch movies (romantic comedies, disney movies), she even likes to ride bycicles and she once mentioned how she would like to go out riding together, but that was some time ago.

    So I don't know, I don't know if she likes me as a friend or something more, I'm betting just as a friend but I still have that hope that she likes me for something more, but I keep screwing up.

    I really don't know what kind of advice I should seek in here, I think I wrote this on the wrong forum, but I don't consider this a rant, I'm not venting off.
    I just want help, support. I've been told to man up bunch of times, and I have but it's really annoying when you extra man up for a girl... and that girl just says "sorry, i was sleepin, its too late to go out today".
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    well like everyone else tell you , grow a pair and man up . if not you'll always ask yourself what if i had asked her and she said yes. couldda live happily ever after. if she says no then well like other people most likely tell you "there's more fish in the sea" . also being rude is ok once in a while and if its just playing around , not every time.

    also don't make her seem you're just a friend make her see you more than that. meaning don't be such a friend , hit on her . like the other dudes , tell her she" looks pretty today as always"

    here a trick scenario:
    your lady is with lady friend , you manage to get into a conversation with both , stop paying attention to your lady and talk to her friend , you lady may get a little left out and jealous but that's a good thing if she gets jealous because girls love attention . she's gonna start , hopefully, start talking to you and get you to notice her. so you still ignore her if you want for just a little more. then get back to her. this will hopefully tell her , you're not so available , she better get you before any one else does.

    depends how long ago it was when she asked to hangout n play games + beer . you may still have a chance . bring it up maybe.

    also chicks love confidence , so drink a beer chill out and yeah . try and get her to chill . fuck it grab her hand and take her somewhere anywhere , sum icecream or coffee ... chill n talk.
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    Holy shit, thanks a lot dude, you know? last time I went out with her she bringed a lady friend, and I did exactly that... I'm gonna try and grab her by the hands to take her somewhere in a friendly manner, but yeah I guess I should try to tell her she looks fine (at least when I see her and not when she who's me a pic of her).

    Again, thank you very much.
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    bump . anything happen ?