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this is to everyone, thanks alot.

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ive always felt suicidal, its only been the last couple of months i was ready to die. when i joind this site i became suprised with how many people actually care and that the world isnt full of scum bags.

the last couple of days now ive become so strong. i almost hit a truck riding my motorcycle not long ago and i remember how hard i tryed to get out of its way even thou i was so depressed, only now i know why i did that, my will to survive kicked in. i dont care if i die anymore, but its me against the world and its gonna have to do better than that to take me out.

i owe it to this site and all the people on it, i give my THANKS to all of you for your support, it helped me push that little bit more which gave me enough time to figure it out. i still look back on how i felt, but i feel like a survived it.

im still going to use this site and help others the way they helped me, i owe you poeple more but thats all i got. and u might still see me post things on 'let it all out', just to blow of steam :)

so once again thank you everybody i hope you all feel the positive change soon. we can be saved, we can adapt, we can survive.


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You're the one that deserves the credit. We as individuals make the changes in ourselves. The best others can do is give a nudge. I happy that you feel better and stronger. :)


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always good to hear of success stories..well done, but agree you helped yourself first of all by finding this place and it just goes to show that if people are not judged and are supported, good things happen. good luck.
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