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This is why I hate being around crazy ass psychopathic street heathens at my mom's

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My foster sister and I just got into a huge fight earlier. She steals, she lies, she lies about stealing. When she disrespected my mother and threatened her, I told her "don't you ever talk to my mother that way," pushed her, and we were brawling all throughout the place. I called the police to send an officer to talk to her crazy ass and make a family disturbance report. They sent four officers here, I told them what happened. One had to go into her room to talk to her because she didn't want to come out. So they were in there talking, while I was in the living room having casual conversation with a very, very cute officer.

So I told the officer to make the family disturbance report in case something happens in the future. She packed her stuff and walked out the door after they left with a backpack and a trash bag of what I guess were clothes.

I blame my mother for putting animosity between us because she always says negative things about one to the other. She told me that the girl steals things from her room such as jewelry, rambles through her drawers getting things and putting them in her room without asking for it and claiming not to have it, only for my mother to find it there.

I don't know anyone who would stand idly by as someone threatened and dissed their mother. My rationality went out the window on that one. But she's the one with prior offenses having been in fights and been problematic for years and years since she was in middle school. I'm an academic who never even had a traffic ticket. The girls is a street heathen who deserves to be in the streets if she wants to act like it. You don't disrespect anyone's mother in her own house.


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Re: This is why I hate being around crazy ass psychopathic street heathens at my mom'

I have been in foster care and a lot of the kids in those programs are pretty violent and have a lot of problems.. So, I know what you mean..

Me being the one kid in the home that wasn't an issue had to help care for the other foster kids who had stealing, lying, and problems attacking people.. I usually had foster parents almost use me as their "back board" for advice or to get ideas about how to help with these kids.. As my biologically youngest brother had severe ADHD and I kind of had a good idea how to handle kids with violence problems.. Tho it was always really stressful on me and when I was supposed to be another foster child.. Not an adult like I have been all my life...

Anyway, just trying to say I understand and can really relate..
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