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This isnt good for my overall well being.

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At another forum where I have over 7000 posts, I was just banned until 3/20. It said guideline violations...but I have no idea what I violated. I guess because I posted in the news section about the Japan diseaster.

In the grand scheme of things, my being banned makes little concern to the world, but to me, when a place I went to for comfort and support, and a place that I tried to offer support back to, kicks you in the gonads...well...it's not helping my depression....

I feel rejected. I feel like I am a looser, and I feel very angry.

Whatever...I guess I just so go away.:sad:

total eclipse

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OMG i know exactly how you feel please don't let them hurt you like that okay.
I was harmed so deeply i know how you are feeling You are not bad you did nothing wrong and i think this place that threw you away is not a good forum at all. You can come here and noone will harm you like that okay I came here after being banned too i was so hurt and frightened. The people here understood and have never hurt me never judged like the other forum did
Please Pete know we care okay you stay here where it is safe where you are appreciated hugs to you PLease pm me anytime you need to jsut vent okay or you need someone to talk to who will understand

total eclipse

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Hope you are feeling a little better today Pete i wuld send pm to the owner of the other forum just to see what rule you did violate get clarification hugs to you


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:WTF: any forum that banned you for that reason you are better off without..
stay with us where you're safe.....:hugtackles:
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