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This isnt normal.

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Rainbow90, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Rainbow90

    Rainbow90 Active Member

    I hate eating super fast so I can leave the kitchen.
    I hate having to listen from my bedroom upstairs to hear if my dad is in the kitchen.
    He was this time but my mom wasnt.
    He was watching tv.
    I hate how I avoid the kitchen even when I am hungry.
    This isnt normal.
    I hate hearing him scream at my mom about stupid things.
    They are both wrong!
    I wish I didnt have to deal with this.
    If I was dead they would miss me but be better off.
    One less thing to care and fight about.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hey your parents problems are not because of you please know that
    It is too bad they can't get councilling therapy
    Have you told them how isolated they make you feel with all their arguing
    Maybe leave them both a note saying how upset it make you
    can you go somewhere for awhile just to get away from all the stress like a friends a relatives just to give you a break
    I am sorry you are being put in the middle of all this but know their problems are theirs it is not you fault okay theyare adults they need to get help so they stop arguing.
  3. Rainbow90

    Rainbow90 Active Member

    They have been arguing forever now. It can get really bad.
    I think my older sister tells them how much it hurt her whens he was younger.
    I get back to college Sunday but if I ever wanna call home its both of them on the phone yelling.
    I really want a dessert thingy now but wont have it cause of the chance of my dad being there.
  4. Rainbow90

    Rainbow90 Active Member

    Well my dad wasnt there but all I heard was my mom going you are weird. You dont know how to socialize. You are weird like all your friends or non friends cause they arent friends. Not good friends with them because they are so weird. Ill probably complain more about that later. Everything is wrong with me. There will always be a complaint. I dont know what I should do because all I hear is negative. Life is just blah...