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  1. letmego3

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    just watched a video on youtube about a guy talking about what he thinks about depression and suicide.

    he said he has no respect for people who are depressed and suicidal.

    it makes me think that what if my relatives are thinking something like this.

    that if you are depressed about something. just fix it and live your life. i wish it was easy as that.

    if you hate being around certain people just stop it. whatever is making you depressed just do something about it.

    he says 99 per cent of people have problems but they don't just whine and complain unlike people who have depression.

    that you are pathetic and weak and a waste of space on this earth. he says you should just die if you are depressed because there are many young people who die but wanted to live.

    i hate people who talk about something they know nothing about!!!!!!!

    they are quick to judge and say their opinion but they are asleep!!!! their watching too much televison.

    they think they know most of what is going on in the world. but they don't. you need a slap in the face and see if you like it if one of your family members commited suicide.

    you talk about other families beside yourself. you think your family is pure and righteous. you scum.

    no wonder people are leaving this earth every day. im sick of people who judge and label.

    but maybe some people are right??? if your depressed you are weak so just die and let someone else take your place. maybe its my fault that i am depressed. i chose to be depressed and i can fix. i never knew it was as easy as that.
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  2. letmego3

    letmego3 Just be yourself

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  3. Witty_Sarcasm

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    A friend of mine said that people won't really understand what it's like to be depressed or suicidal unless they actually are themselves. It doesn't excuse their bad behavior but they look at it on the surface and don't really try to understand. Another friend told me that people stick to what they know because it's comfortable. They are ignorant because they've always been that way, and they should change but that's up to them. You can't let them get you down because that's their opinion and you don't have to let the negativity in. They don't know you personally so who are they to judge? Obviously they say things for a reaction, but the best thing is just to ignore them.
  4. letmego3

    letmego3 Just be yourself

    stupid double post mistake again!!!
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  5. letmego3

    letmego3 Just be yourself

    your right im not going to let other people make me feel down, or atleast i'll try. thank you for reply. btw i don't hate that guy i was just angry at him. i have forgiven him because he is just ignorant. i take back calling him scum. once again thank you.
  6. morning rush

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    wow that person has issues. He probably isn't happy with his life and feels better shitting on others. I'm tired of people like that. They are saying your whining but what does he think he's doing?

    I didn't choose to be depressed, to be so down that it hurts and feel so hopeless. I wish I was better than I was but wishing doesn't solve things and it doesn't stop with a snap of fingers. There are so much anger and hating in the world. To be honest, I never whine about my depression, I tend to keep things inside.

    People like that don't help the world, they make it's really sad
  7. gloomy

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    I'd rather be even more depressed than I currently am than be as nasty as a lot of the people on youtube.
  8. jay1985

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    That guy saying what he did, is like saying he hates people with diabetes or high blood pressure, its stupid,he is stupid. This is a condition but some people just wont understand that. Ignore it he aint worth it.