This Never Ending Conflict

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Anyone out there feel like the sand in the hour glass just about to stop sifting.. It's all endless... nothing could make me happy anymore


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I feel it sometimes - but you just turn an hourglass upside down and the sand keeps spilling.

Try not to obsess on whatever negatives you have.

Share them a little more - after all, what your saying is you feel like your life is in a mess and going nowhere - no?

If your car broke down - would you just scrap it or maybe just fix the problem that made it break down?

Your tired of the way your life is - not tired of life. Life has too much to offer for you to be tired by it - its finding the 'right' things to do and people to be with and feeling peace of mind.

Life can be amazing.

It can also be not so amazing.

All I know is that life rarely knocks on my door - I have to go out looking for it for it to get interesting enough to stop me wanting to just go to the desert with a bottle of something and a bag of assorted potions and exotic things.

Not that England has that many deserts.

OK - head to the hills!

Hope some of this helps.

I do sympathise with how you feel and empathise, which means I KNOW what you mean 100%.

I think its best to be stay alive and see what happens

Or make things happen.

Sometimes they just happen!!!


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I have felt that before.. Maybe try and set some sort of plans or goals you want to accomplish. May help you feel as though you are actually moving.

Hope you feel better and sending hugs. :hug:


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Dragon Blood is right.. Sit down and right out a list of goals and then each day try to accomplish one..If you don't no worry just add it to the bottom of the list..It can be anything such as getting out of bed and takeing a shower..Or it could be I made a good breakfast this morning.. You can work your way up to more challengeing goals as time goes by..When you get use to doing this then you can add a long term goal to work towards..
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