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This pain is unbearable

So so tired

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I miss my son so much
It's the type of pain that engulfs every aspect of your being.
Today I feel very hopeless and incredibly sad.
I am trying to remember that this will not be the situation forever but at present, it's hard to cope with.
I want to live for my son and love to be with him but outside the contacts we have, my life is empty, cold and lacking any sense of enjoyment or direction. I feel numb as if mentally I am withdrawing from life.
I try to distract myself with anything and everything so the mind is kept busy but there are times of silence in which dark thoughts creep back in.
I am very tired
Thankyou for reading x


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i am so sorry that you are suffering so much right now. but you know this won't last forever. try to learn to redirect your thoughts when the bad thoughts creep in. it takes practice but it works, if you want to talk feel free to inbox me. i hope you feel better soon...mike...*hug*shake

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