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  1. I have realized that the longer the vacation from the mental hospital is the more I get depressed home. It really sucks. The anxiety starts to build up after one or two days, now on the third I wish I were at the hospital again. It's the only place where I'm safe from myself. Quess I'm gonna spend the rest of my so called life there. FUCK!
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    Hun it is normal to want to go back to where it feels safe hun but you need to get those skills h un to feel safe outside those hospital walls I get it h un there is people t here to talk to but if you join group therapy you can meet new people go to a day program hun hugs
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    Has there been any after-care offered, or connections to resouces that can help you? I know after both of my stays, they provided me with contact info for the main mental health center, as well as more specialized services. Connections to a counselor/therapist, as well as a psych doc who could evaluate how I was functioning with my meds.

    Keep posting here, you're welcome here and we'll try to provide encouragement, as well as support.

    Stay safe please.
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