This Place Is Hell

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    School. Yes school. I'm a freshman in highschool, but I'm considering dropping out soon. I know I'm really young considering I'm 14 but I'm so tired of school. I'm not learning anything here. What am I going to use in life that has to do with algebra. Plus I don't belong here. I get shunned or I'm constantly getting stared at weird because I dress in all black and have self harm scars. I get ignored. Its like I'm some kind of ghost. My teachers sometimes count be not present because they don't notice me, even if I'm sitting right in front of them. I'm wasteing my life here. I could be doing better things with my life. I could have a job but no because I'm bombarded with essays and projects. I'm considering just walking out this place and refuse to come back. My parents would be really mad at me and most likely beat me if I refuse to go. That's the one reason I go. I'm so tired of this place. Words can explain how much I hate this place.
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    Hi there, I can relate, I left school when I was 14 (went in to do the junior cert at 15) but left after that, like you I couldn't stick it, couldn't relate to anyone and was singled out and bullied,it was hell.

    Times have changed since I left in 2004, do you have a school counselor? Does anyone know of your strong desire to leave school? Is getting home schooled an option?
    I really do feel for you :( xxx
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    Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering at school. You are young and there is nothing wrong in being an individual. You are just expressing yourself in fashion and do not let others judge you. You are you and be proud of that. You are young and struggling with your studies. You should speak to a school consellor and see if they can help you with your study issues.

    Please remember that there is nothing wrong in asking for help. You need to continue your studies in order to better yourself and get a good career. You are a SURVIVOR of life and please ignore the others who stare at you. You ARE NOT WEIRD but a human being like the others. People can be cruel but you can survive it. It's about dealing with life one day at a time.

    Keep posting here for support. Keep being YOU and ask yourself "Define normal?" Remember there is no straight answer to this question as everyone interprets it in their own way.

    Be safe...
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    Thanks. I'm going to talk to my school counselor if there's a program so I can graduate earlier
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    Wishing you the best of luck,let us know how it goes :)
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    I guess there are several elements to address here. The first is that the very vast majority of teenagers hate school and think they are learning nothing useful etc etc but this is proven to be untrue based on the earning potential of people who graduate high school vs people who do not. Will you ever use algebra? Maybe not. Will you ever be asked about graduating high school when job hunting? Absolutely. Especially if you have no other qualifications.

    Under 16 there are so many restrictions and laws about employing you that most companies won't even look at you until you are 16 (many not until you are 17) and in the job market these days, with multiple applicants for every position - what employer in their right mind would employ a teenager who is so apparently unreliable that they did not even go to school? I am afraid that your "I could get a job if not for essays" line of thought is flawed I am afraid.

    if your parents beat you - that is something that you should report to your school counsellor immediately. There may be many things that as a child you cannot change, but that is absolutely not one of them. IF your parents beat you there are countless systems in place to help deal with that.

    On the topic of fitting in, I am sorry that you feel you do not belong. You might be better served wearing similar clothing to your peers and choosing clothing items that cover your self harm scars. Choosing to dress all in black and wear things where your scars are visible is just that - a choice. if you are choosing to mark yourself out as different, then it is reasonable that people treat you as if you are different. I am not suggesting that a new wardrobe will fix all your problems, of course, but if you do want to fit in, stopping making yourself stand out is a good place to begin.

    Looking for options to graduate early is a very good idea, as is speaking to your guidance counsellor about the other difficulties you are facing (the self harm, the possible issues with your parents etc). Taking positive steps to influence your life to change for the better is a great step.

    Take care and stay safe.
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    I don't where this stuff to get attention...why would I do that. And I wear long sleeves all the time. So I push up my sleeves because it gets too hot every once in a while. I haven't harmed my self in over 2 months. And my parents already dealt with it.