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This Psychosis is Surreal


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Hi guys,

I've been dealing with hallucinations for several year now. Since the beginning of COVID that i've been having full day auditory hallucinations that are killing me inside..
In the beginning of COVID I've flipped and went mad. Later I've started to experience more visual hallucinations also like seeing translucent people. I'm definitely insane right now. What keep me calm is Chenrezig meditation and art BTW...
I'm dealing with a slight depression also I've been trough worst so I'm not scared, just sleep, catarsis trough art and meditation ... I'm an artist not a good one but ...
Anyway just keeping a memo of some sort for myself or just needed to talk about it...

Oh and by the way this is what i've made today:
Sorry that you're going through this. I'm glad that meditation and art at least helping a little. I hope things can get better soon.


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