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this song is the most powerful and depressing and uplifting ever

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and it has no words

play this on high volume with good headphones and youll shudder with desire and longing. if you dont get it at first, you will eventually

there is nothing like it that i have ever heard in my entire library of 42000 songs. i emailed the band begging them to make another one like this. the rest of their stuff is just metal, albeit really good metal



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I like it. Check out Dolorian, similar style.

You're right. Very empowering and humbeling. atleast thats how im taking it. I love music like this, you can just open up to it and reflect to the rythm of the music.


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Wow! thanks!

This song really, actually hurts. It's like the last cry of an agonizing man.
Played over and over again.


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I sometimes wonder what it's about music that's satisfying. I'm not sure. Something so beautiful has to have a reason. The closest things to music are drugs, and I don't do drugs. And I'm not addicted to music. But when I listen to the right kind of music, which I think is different for different people, I fly so high that I swear not even a drug could get me there.
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