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this time for sure

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well as some of you may have read i attempted last week but was "saved" by some asshole thinking he was doing me a favor. well im going to try again tommorow and this time i will be succesful. at first i didnt want to use a gun because i didnt want the people who have to discover me or clean up the gore to be traumuatized or anything. but desperate times call for desperate measures so im going to <Mod edit: Abacus21 - methods> and do the deed.
anyway, like i said before dont follow my example. Im sure you can work out whats going on in your life and enjoy the rest of it to some extent or another. My life is just too fucked up to fix and i know ill die alone and penniless anyway so i figure ill just speed up the process.

So goodbye everyone, try to enjoy life, and when you do pass on i'll see you there.
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My life is just too fucked up to fix and i know ill die alone and penniless anyway so i figure ill just speed up the process.
damn dude.. those are like my exact thoughts :cool: .

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so messy. I'm sure it would do the deed, but seriously....... SO Messy.

- I would like to be someone to say "don't do it", but what do i know.. i'm planning on doing it soon anyways... haven't set a date yet :wink: .
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There's no need to rush death. You still have a lot of good to experience in life, even if your past hasn't been enjoyable. There's so much more to life than the circumstances you're living in now. Who knows, 10 years from now - you might find yourself in a completely different situation, with people who love you. There might be someone out there who needs you, and would live a happier life with you there. Many more lives may benefit from your influence, but even if only one person's life could be happy because of you, when otherwise their life would be painful, wouldn't that make it all worth it?

It's only your decision to make, and I respect your choice. I just hope that you understand everyone born into this world equally deserves respect and love - we all have the right to a good life. That's what I believe, and I think it's possible for you too. Ending your life is the only action that would make that impossible. You'll never know what could've been, all the paths and events that open up as time progresses. Death isn't going anywhere, it'll still be there to embrace you and everyone else much later, death isn't bad, but neither is life. You'll be rejecting only a small, unfortunate part of life through suicide, not the great entirety of life itself. You know your situation best, but remember both perspectives. Best wishes to you on the path you take.
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