this took a lot to write. please read?

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Hey everyone,

I know I've been crap to everyone here lately. I'm just struggling.

I've been thinking lately though.... not sure where I should of put this post.. so here's where it landed.

I had a talk with my best friend the other day.. started out with all school stuff. We both go back to school (two different schools) on tuesday. We both work. and we both have less-than-perfect family situations. The general question we came to is what is the point? We work our asses off in elementary school to make it through to middle school.. then you go through all the horror and painful embarassment, hard work of middle school just to get to the hell hole known as high school. Where you're put under even more pressure and added stress. Thinking about college and getting a car.. getting out. Everyone asking you about college. So you make it through high school. wooo. Just to go to college.. days of little sleep, too much work, hang overs and yes, more hell. You go through all that work.. all those years of school, stress and what ever else.. just to get a job. and God knows if you'll like that job.. the job could be hell in itself.. what if you choose wrong? What if you don't make it in college? then what.. you're doomed to a life of fast food, half serious jobs.. part time pay... and struggle to make the bills for the month.. What's the point of that? Why bother going through hell just to make it to another level of it? We're both working our asses off in school and our part time jobs to get through high school with good grades and some money to put towards the college " of our dreams" trying to get into a good college... so we can get a "good job" just hoping and praying that it's a job that we like. No one can say that they like their job 100%.. Maybe it's worth it if the good out weighs the bad.. but still... life = work? or what?

I'm trying to see the point here.... I know that once I get out of school there will be more freedoms.. and responsibilities.. but also there will be more pressures, more fear, more room to screw up seriously.. no one to pick me up and bandage me if I fuck up.. it just doesn't seem to be worth all the pain and stress we're going through now.....
Jess I know it all seems that way now, but it isn't always the way it is. I found college to be easier than High school, and when i finished I was able to at least get in to the line of work i wanted. No I have not always been happy with it, but things do not have to stay the same as they feel to you right now. There is hope in the future hun. Keep striving to find it. You are such a sweetheart. You deserve to be happy and I believe in you. :hug:
Hey well it makes two of us that are struggling. Being a few years younger I cant really say I can completely relate, but still like Gentle has said there is hope in the future and you really have to believe that or else its hard to get anywhere. And I know that you'll go far... why? Coz I know you can, and I believe in you too. :hug:

special thanks to you, gentle and TDM.. you guys have been there replying to my posts all this time. So much support from you two.. I love yah, thanks for reading.

It'll be ok... I think...

Take care
You will make it Jess. I know you can. Remember how talented you are. You are a great person and a hard worker. Hold your head up high, be proud of who you are. Take care. :hug:


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Hi Jess,
I know it seems like hard work and a struggle right now, but it often doesn't help to think ahead too far cos it can seem overwhelming. The fact is all of this stuff doesn't come at once and the older you get the more skills and experience and knowledge you'll have to draw on to help you through. I won't deny that all that you say is a possibility, but look at it the other way... you might go to college, have the time of your life (I did), get a job you love in an area you're interested in. What chance do you have to do anything other than a meaningless drudge of a job if you don't go to college? And if you leave college and get into a job you're not so fussed on then you can change direction... loads of people do it all the time.
Anyway, tirade over... if you can try to focus on what you're doing right now and suck some enjoyment out of that, and worry about the rest of the stuff when you need to... though that's easier said than done, I know!
Sarah :hug:


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I know it seems overwhelming. I dont really understand the school system over there as we just have primary school, high school and then University. So im not sure of what years you are where.
Just try your best, that is all you can do really. I completely understand what you mean by working your butt off, I attempted to complete high school four times and I never made it so I was stuck in a dead end job which was getting me no where. Now I am on governmnet support as I am ill but really want to do something with my life.

I know that you will make it, you seem like a great person from readin your posts all over the place



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Hi jess...I surely understand the feeling that the pressure continues, but one thing you did not add to the equation is that, if you choose wisely, you get to do what you love doing...yes, many ppl are tied up in doing jobs they do not like, but there is also a great majority, who actually love what they do, and do it well...I think the key to approaching adulthood is to find your passion, whatever that may be, and go for it...although I spend my days working very hard, I do it for me, and love what I do (most of the time)...I get to meet new and interesting ppl, and have an impact on many of the organizations I work my private practice, I work mostly with young children...what a joy...follow your heart and your head will follow...and do not dispair if you do not finding your calling for many yrs, in the meantime, learn, travel and enjoy the of luck to you and I am sure once you know what you want, you will go after it...that is who you are...big hugs to one of my fav teens, Jackie
Thanks everyone, for all the replies :smile: that means soo much, I can't even tell you

I'm still struggling with the thought I mentioned before.. but you all makea good point.. later on, hopefully, I'll see the point.. as things change and HOPEFULLY get better.. I guess the recent events and the fact of school creeping up on me.. are getting to me.. sure it'll be ok once I settle into my JUNIOR YEAR! AHHHHHHHHH lol

Thanks :hug:

Just one thing stuck in my head... we work.. so we can work? hmmmmm
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