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This triggered me >.<

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I dont understand why i need a talk therapist if bipolar is a chemical mood disorder. All he does is remind me to take my pills and ask if i want to hurt/kill myself. And i hate being told to take my pills. That makes me mad kinda.

Anyhow... Yeah. I hate going to therapist. Makes me feel Like theres something wrong with me, i dont feel like a functioning person.


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My therapist just listens to me. He never asks those questions unless I bring it up. I think he is purposely lets me lead, so I can get more out of our sessions.

My pdoc asks me those types of questions, when I tell him about the voices getting out of hand.


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hey green...i think i get what you mean, but i suppose your bipolar affects you in some way that they like to keep a track of and in the absence of anything else to say the classic "take your meds" is thrown out. i hate the treating you like a child attitude as if you are not capable of remembering to take your meds.

whilst it may seem a waste of time at the moment, accept its just to monitor and keep an eye on you, better that than they dont care.

if it makes you feel better, why not ask your therapist the purpose of your sessions.



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He cracks corny jokes to get me to laugh... there have been some that I've actually laughed at.

I haven't told him, because it bring progress to a dead halt. I hardly talk, so he asks questions usually. I'm fine with the questions.


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If he's not helping you cope with your emotions, get a new therapist.

Therapy has been shown to be effective at improving functioning and even mood for bipolar disorder. Well, moderating mood when it happens. They can't change cycle length or frequency, but they can give you mechanisms to reduce the practical effects.

As for all psychiatric disorders, for bipolar disorder a combination of medication and talk therapy is the most effective treatment.
My therapist might help i'm just trying to find reasons not to go >.<

Just gotta keep with the program to stay outta hospital.
Even keeping wih the program might not do that. Switched my med management to an earlier date though, mine aren't doing as well as they were.

I even said it out loud to my mom "my meds arent working. Some days are fine like today but others are bad like yesterday where i should have packed my sh*t and went to the psych hospital"

...so thats a positive step. I wouldn't have said that before.


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One question: how many episodes do you typically have in a year?

I don't know the proportion of people with bipolar who are rapid cycling so I ask everyone.

It can have a large effect on the effectiveness of meds.
Typically 1 big mania/mixed a year and weekly highs n lows (like the weather lol) not sure how else to explain it. And ill get weeks of hypo/mania ehere i'll do everything and i'm the greatest sexiest awesomest person ever to live... And hen i crash.
Yeah the meds work usually but occasionally i still get suicidally depressed which shouldn't happen. I can handle the delusions and hypo/mania its the homicidal/suicidal urges that get to me.


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Therapy should help with that. Keep going and be sure to tell your therapist about those urges... But be very clear you don't intend to act on them.


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Tell him about it when you're not feeling it. Get a coping mechanism before you need it.

If he sections you when you're not actually feeling it, sue his ass for malpractice. He can only section you if you're a danger to yourself or others - when in a normal mood that's obviously not the case.
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