This was his last chance..

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  1. LenaLunacy

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    My fucking uncle! Omg he totally fucked up my life for the last time.
    Urgh i am so mad at him. He gets under my skiin though i say i won't let him.
    It drives me mad.
    Basically, a year ago he ceased to talk to me, wouldn't return calls, texts, see me. Nothing. At the time i was doing my GCSEs so at the time it got under my skin alot.
    He recently, within the last seven months, got back in contact and i decided, whilst i might never feel he same about him cos of his abandonment, i will give him a second chance.
    All i ask him to do, one meagre thing, is come to my 18th birthday party last night. I wait and i wait, it gets to 1am and it's blatantly obvious he isn't gonna turn up. No explanation why, he doesn't call, text or email. I'm just left abandoned again.
    Well he can throw however much money he wants at the situation but this time its beyond repair.
    He fucked up his last chance and i won't take it again.
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    :hug: I do understand you being annoyed and let down he didn't show up to your 18th but just to play devils advocate, do you think he may have had a valid reason for not turning up last night? Maybe, if you haven't done so already, have a talk with him about how upset he has made you.
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    He lives alone in a flat, he NEVER gets out and, as my grandma and mother both agreed, the only reason he wouldn 't turn up is because he had a date with one of those 30 year younger sluts he meets on the internet.
    Talking to him is futile, all he cares about is himself and his interests.
  4. LenaLunacy

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    And now he's claiming we never invited him! My mother rang him up and blatantly invitied him.
    OMG he talks a load of shit.
    He can burn in hell for all the toss i could give about him.
    Fucking half wit ¬¬