this weekend 10 years ago *possible trigger*

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    I hope no one minds but i ve never had anywhere to say this before , i would ask if could for me , if u are feeling strong enough - spare a thought this weekend for the parents and siblings of my beloved nephew 'Toby ' who after fighting from the age of 2 years and 1 month was mercilessly taken away from us with the blight of Leukaemia on 9th June 1998 .

    Never did a person challenge an illness with more courage , refusing to give up even when the pain ravaged his body before our very eyes he stood tall , and vowed that when he grew up he wanted simply to be 'a man ' . Ironic that this wish was to be too great for him to see realised .

    Toby passed away in his mothers arms with the entire family surrounding them at half past midnight , he looked around the room and whispered weakly the name 'jim' my son - his cousin , playmate and closest ally and then he closed his weary eyes , beaten by an illness that for 5 years had hung over him like a beast goading him to give in when the darkest moments came again and again .

    Toby sweetheart , we your family love u and miss u every day , your spirit and sparkle has never left us and never will and though you took flight from us at just the tender age of 7 years old we know u are somewhere and u are safe. Your precious life was not in vain.

    with love always Aunty Jo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    10th february 1991 - 9th june 1998 RIP TOBY

    also remembering beautiful Tianne Angel Matthews , born asleep at 21 weeks gestation 13.11.05 RIP LITTLE TINY FOOTPRINTS

    [I]Thankyou so much for taking the time just to read and allow the thought of these two angels to cross your minds [/I]
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    Hun.......There will be more then just a min of my time devoted to the memory of your lovely nephew Toby. The loss of a child is a devastatingly horrible thing. But it sounds like he lived all 7 of his year with courage and strength, and with that sort of tragedy that is a wonderful thing. He could have lived his life as a sick child, but he lived as a happy kid. I bet you have many wonderful memories of this beautiful boy. Hang on to those, and use this time to remember those. You, Toby, and your entire family will be in my heart. Just stay strong together! XOXOXO
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    They are in my thoughts :hug:
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    hi patacake, leukaemia is possibly one of the cruelest illnesses out there. i lost a close friend to it in December and know a lot of families who have lost their sons/brothers to it. i'm deeply sorry for yours and your families loss, i will definatly keep Toby in mind.

  5. patacake

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    Ty everyone , yes sadly I too know many other families affected and they too are always in our hearts and minds .

    Especially CJ RIP 24/06/05

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    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Your Toby is 1 month younger than me, it is hard to imagine someone so young taken from such a loving caring family. Remember his strength to help you through these times. Toby is looking over you now, wanting you to be happy, smile in his memory, laugh at the good times, love him always, cry a tear or two for his passing, but never forget. I am here if you need to talk hunny. *huggles* Take care,

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    thanks carol *hug
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    Toby was a beautiful child and one with such determination he had the love of a very special family and although his life was short it was filled with much joy to
    remembering little tainne to and will never forget our very special little girl CJ

    My thoughts are with you not just today but everyday

  9. patacake

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    thanks hun , jeez this has been an awful day