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    Hello, please watch these 2 clips:

    Pay attention to what Brainiac is saying to Kal-EL

    You're stabbing yourself in the back by blaming yourself. It will destroy you if you don't stop.

    Just one more thing! I have to tell you something since I share this kind of thing directly with you. Check where the food you're bying comes from! Animals for example how and where they live etc. How people treat them. If you can't affort better meat and eggs, don't buy it at all! The animals suffocating in prisons.

    Well, share this with others if you have heart! Also translate it to other languages.:)

    Support this series! ;)
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    It is important to forgive yourself so that you can move on. I totally agree that we need to be aware of how animals are treated in the production of our food. Cheap meat carries a cost that is paid for by the suffering of animals.