this will probably be my last thread for this site...sry i ranted on and on

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well lets see about 3wks ago i attempted

pulled myself away from it before i couldnt turn back, and i dont know if that was the right thing to do.

Since then i cant do anything right. eveyone wants to rag me out casue of what i am doing. I am trying to do what is best in my descision (i will go into more detail when i see fit on that comment) and cause of that he is punishing me which i dont think is right.......

I dont know should i just say fuck it all and try again or should i keep fighting.....i dont want to go back into the hopital i hate it there. i just took the burns depression checklist and scored 93 which doesnt surprise me at all. What i am surprised about is it wasnt 100.

I need to do something to release all this stress, anger, depression and all of the other emotions that are bottled up inside of me, cause that is what sent me off the edge earlier is all my emotions were just stuffed inside of me and then one night BAM they let loose. I dont want that to happen again

Well enough of me ranting and raving i better sign off now. You probably have had enough reading this far so i wont bore you anymore with my fuckin life story

so bye
Hi. You are not boring me, if ranting here helps you shouldn't stop doing it!
I am here if you need to rant again. :hug:
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