This world is too cruel

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  1. What hope do people who endured child abuse have.
    The two people who brought you into the world, kept you at a near death state, emotionally and physically for years..

    and then you spend most of your life trying to wish you could be on the outside, with other people..
    then you grow up, and realize other people cannot be trusted either...
    and the body you live in is only in its twenties....and has decades to deal with this.

    how can i possibly want to be here.

    there is no hope.
    I mean nobody REALLy cares. eventaully people get used to the idea
    the only person who ever said she cared about me is my therapist....
    and I bet thats worn off by now.
    i just feel horrible..

    so instead of making plans or doing anything drastic , i post here....
    I wish I could hear my therapist say she cares about me one more time.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I care about you i am sorry you suffered hun now time to take back your world ok to rebuild and not let your abusers win to become all you want to become I know it will be hard but it can be done it has been done here anytime you want to talk hun hugs
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