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    okay guys this isnt having a go at anyone so please dont take it that way. and i dont want people causing a fight either or i'll delete it, i simply need to get my feelings out.

    what is it with all these threads about being wanting to get cancer? people saying they hope they get cancer from smoking and die? people saying they dont care if they get cancer?

    right i understand they are suicidal. i get there. i've been there. it's the worst thing ever. i understand they dont care if they die. i understand that they find smoking helps. i understand that they know the risks.


    but i just dont get how people can wish this horrible disease on themselves. and their family. and their friends. i mean do they not know what it does to you? do they not know that you don't just go to bed one night and dont wake up the next morning...but that it's months...YEARS OF TORTURE. of not being able to breathe. of not being able to walk. of having to have someone help you to piss. of throwing up. of watching your loved ones sat around you with their hearts breaking, watching you slowly fade away.

    meh, i dont know where i am going with this post anymore..except into tears.

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    Sam, thank you. I had this same type of thread some time back. If only these people really knew!!! For those that wish they could get cancer, try having it and wishing you didnt!!!!
  3. *dilligaf*

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    massive hugs hun

    sorry if i triggered u at all
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    I agree with everything you said sam :smile:
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    I'm sorry :sad:

    I didn't really mean I wanted to get cancer. I know it's the worst way to die, and I saw my grandfather die from cancer.

    These threads help me keep grounded. I don't want to have anyone watch me die and hurt them in any way...
  6. *dilligaf*

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    hun im sorry i was meant to PM you last night but i ended up crashing.

    this thread wasn't about your thread. well it was but it wasnt. you have nothing to be sorry for. you needed to rant and you did that, thats what sf is for. im glad you have sf for that reason. i just got to the point where i had seen SO many of them that i kinda flipped out.

    im sorry.
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    Big :hug: sam.

    :rose: Take care of yourself, hun
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    Sam, i'm glad you made this post. It might just wake up some people wishing for something they are unaware of completely. I've had cancer, beat the beast and it was no easy run, now its eating me from the inside, an illness from which you cant escape and from which there is no where to hide, run from etc.

    If I had the nerve i'd give more specific details as to what some illnesses and cancer do to a person and that would stop them from rambling about it once for all so thanks for this appeal, its a start and hope it doesnt fall into death hears.

    love, granny xx
  10. ~PinkElephants~

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    I completely know what you're saying about people wishing the most god awful illnesses on themselves. I watched my cousin's aunt deteriorate over the years and it was painful to watch. She went from someone so vibrant to someone so defeated and helpless. I wouldn't wish that feeling on anyone nor would I want such an illness. The people that have dealt with it have such strength. People need to realize the effect such an illness has on everyone around them.

    be safe
  11. *dilligaf*

    *dilligaf* Staff Alumni

    :hug: you both.

    such a horrible horrible disease :sad:

    im sorry for everyone who has had dealings with it
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    I discussed this issue with my psychologist, as it something I've been guilty of myself, and she said that it was a way of having the choice taken out of ones hands, and additionally it prolongs the suffering.

    I get the impression its a common thought pattern in people with suicidal thoughts.

    Anyway, I hope this helps sam. Thinking of you.
  13. *dilligaf*

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    thanks hun :hug:
  14. danni

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    :hug: I seen first hand when my grandma had cancer :sad:
  15. Dave_N

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    Thanks for making this thread Sam. :hug: I think that people who wish that they would get cancer, don't really mean this. They just want a means to an end and think cancer would be a good way to die. If they only knew.
  16. *dilligaf*

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  17. famous.last.words

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    i so agree with you sam.
    Its a horrible thoughtless disease, which takes away everything from a person.
    Having just found out my step-dad has his brain tumour back, i have very little time for people saying they wish they had it.

    The feeling you deserve to suffer and the desire to die i can understand, but i dont think people realise how much it can upset people who have had it in their lives.
  18. shazzer

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    I so agree with you on this one. it about bloody time people stopped saying they wished they had cancer so they coud die. They maybe sucidal and looking for a way out but if they really knew the pain and suffering that a person with it goes through they wouldn't wish it on themselves or there loved ones. You don't just die overnight it can take many months or years with no real quality of life.
    I came on here tonight to get away from thinking about cancer for a while not bloody easy when I'm waiting for my mums latest scan results next wednesday now I'm feeling even more pissed off with people making light of something that is totally heartbreakimg

    :hug: to all those affected by this illness
  19. xpsyuvz

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    I wish I knew more about cancer victim experiences...

    But for the last few years, I've been fucking tortured beyond any thresholds I've thought I'd be able to bear. (I.e. psychic attacks, schizophrenia, etc.)

    When the shit hits the fan, smoking a cigarette with the pure mad attempt of getting cancer and dying sooner than later seems slightly better than immediate death (via a shotgun blowing my brains out...)
    (Maybe earlier comments, like Dave N's idea of "it's a means to an end" idea, already expressed my feelings?)

    (My backup plan is if I get cancer and it feels too unbearable, then hopefully I can go ahead with my overdose with my sedative drugs plan...)

    [Moderators: Eh, it was a trigger thread, and I mentioned methods... Censor whatever you want. I'll understand. :) ]
  20. shazzer

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    Yet another one who thinks getting cancer is a good way to die. When will people realise that using cancer in that way is offensive to those people living with the illness and there loved ones. You would not to want to get cancer if you knew what is was bloody like its not a nice way to die its horrible. Why the fuck does it have to keep coming up on this site its beyond a fucking joke