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Those who were bullied: Do you miss school?

Discussion in 'Bullying and Violence' started by Underground, Jun 26, 2011.


Do you miss school?

  1. Strangely enough, yes!

  2. Hell no. You mad??? I am free!

  3. Sometimes/A few aspects of it..

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  1. Underground

    Underground Well-Known Member

    This is a thread for those who were bullied in school and have since then left/graduated. It's an interesting question, really, but despite what happened, do you ever feel you miss school?

    I'm going through a phase where I'm sort of missing secondary school. I'm homesick for the relative simplicity of the life at school and the easy school work. Just the old Monday-Friday routine of waking up, going in from 8.30am - 4.00pm (well technically its only 9.00am to 3.20pm but including travelling etc), the easy school work, the fact it was 'compulsory' made it so much easier because I was forced to get on with crap. I miss some of the teachers, very few, one in particular Mrs. M. I was randomly reading my schools website the other day and I looked at a PDF document on rules/routines and thought back to it. Then of course I loved year 7 and 8. Well not loved, but liked. Things went okay and everything was so much easier. Of course, from year 9 onwards, I hated every second of it.. I dreaded going into school, I hated the constant bullying I would knowingly be subjected to, the loneliness and the isolation of having to hide myself at lunch. I put on (and took off) my school uniform for the very last time on the 19th June 2009 after my last GCSE exam, so just over two years ago now, though I stayed an extra year for sixth form, but that was different. It's really funny, because I counted down the days, the hours, and the minutes for when I was getting out of there..

    I guess I just miss the control and structure of my time there, and if I go further back, the memories. I'm only 18 now but the uncertainty of the future is worrying. I'm no longer bullied, but I am lonely, and I irresponsible and unmotivated.

    Does anyone else feel similar/similar-ish?
  2. Autumn01

    Autumn01 Well-Known Member

    No, I don't miss it one bit. I didn't have many school friends in my school years. Sure don't miss being picked on. Was glad to get out of there. Don't really have many friends now either but whatever. I would love to be 21 again though and would do things differently.

    I'm sorry that you were picked on also.
  3. jasonkramer

    jasonkramer Well-Known Member

    hell no. it still surprises me that i never made columbine look like a kiddie show. i definitely had enough ammo and hatred to do so. high school is a complete waste of time. Ive even heard professors admit that high school does more damage than good. dont waste your time there. get a GED, go to jobcore if you live in the US, look for programs that will allow you to leave faster and no matter what just freaking leave that place.
  4. the masked depressant

    the masked depressant Well-Known Member

    i actually cried on my graduation back in 2005.

    i don't even know why... hated all lessons.

    think a lot of it had to do with the fact that again, it had just become a part of me.. and to do with out it would be a punishment.

    strange i know!
  5. Underground

    Underground Well-Known Member

    I had thoughts like that when I was 15/16.. I once (or twice..) fantasized, in great detail (including a suicide-by-police ending, what the tabloids would say, especially as I'm not a guy etc), about walking into my school and shooting people I hated - not 'innocents'. But that was just it, a fantasy, being in the UK I certainly did not have the physical means to do it, and besides I wouldn't have had the heart to, it was just anger. These thoughts absolutely scared the f*ck out of me at the time, but I think they're quite common in bullying victims.

    But yeah, that's true, school isn't the be all and end of your education/future. Many people think if you drop out or don't get your high school qualifications that your life is doomed, but I know quite a few people who failed/dropped out who are now on successful tracks. Sometimes I wished I'd dropped out of school and just did my GCSEs at college instead.

    Tbh, right before my school lessons finished up in May 2009, people were posting old school photos on Facebook (like all the class photos) and I remember crying about it lol. Even though I was looking forward to getting it all done and dusted.
  6. DonDen

    DonDen Active Member

    No I am glad to be out of there. haha, I not exactly the type you would think would get bullied. By I would turn the other cheek, my friends would get bullied and all hell would break loose.
  7. I'm_trying

    I'm_trying Active Member

    I'm soo soo glad I'm done.

    I just wish I could have not let those people get to me.
  8. When I was in HS, I couldn't wait for it to finish so I could focus on trying to do something about my entrepreneurial ideas.

    But I miss these times, now. I almost want to go back.

    I was bullied, especially in the first 2 years, but I was a strong person then, with attitude, big ego, and big dreams I wanted to realize... occasionally, some idiots would try to ruin my day... and they would often succeed. But the next day, I was the same overly-optimistic me, ready for anything... especially the jokes and pranks I loved to do with a few of my equally mischievous friends.

    I've had many enemies, some friends, lots of bad things happened, with some good ones in between, but my life was dynamic, something was happening, I was alive...

    But then it stopped. I was very happy when it was all over, and for the first 2 years, I've been focused on trying to start my business, learning, personal development, I didn't even feel lonely, I didn't miss my old friends or anything... till now, or few weeks ago, to be precise... that's when I realized I kinda enjoyed my life better back then... even with all the negative characters in it.
  9. Pharaoh

    Pharaoh Member

    The weird thing with me is that I wasn't bullied in High school, but in Elementary school, and I wouldn't go back if you paid me. I hated being pushed around, teased, faking sick just to go to the nurse's office during lunch. I remember having my first suicidal thought after having someone boy cut my hair during class.

    Never would I ever even think about doing it over again,
  10. Illusion

    Illusion Well-Known Member

    No I do not. Ended up dropping out actually but it wasn't 100% cause of bullying. I always had it rough in school whether it was the work or the people. Everything about it aggravated me.
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