Thought I saw the man who molested me.

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    I was on the train going home from having spent the night at my mum's... (where we talked about some recent documentaries on TV about abused children; very awkward situation for me because mum doesn't consider any of the things she did to me abuse (spanking, beating, psychological terror, threatening to leave, actually leaving me letting me think she wouldn't come back (when I was already then dealing with my 'father' leaving us behind) to name a few things)... so to hear my mum talk about "poor children" just... ugh... anyways)

    I usually hate when people have to sit in front of me on the train but as the seats were filling up a young man sat across from me. For a long while I just looked out of the window pretending he wasn't there... that's a normal behavior for me, and it takes a lot to get me to move my bags on the seat next to me.

    (For so many years the young man who raped me at 13 (not the guy this thread is about) would take the same bus as me and sit next to me)


    The young man, then a teenager when I was 4 or 5 and he was 15 molested me sexually... my mum even caught him in the act but just gave him a 'slap on the wrist' but still after that allowed him to play with me.
    He's the son of one of her best friends, just like the man who raped me was... and to her, her friendship to those people are more important than me.

    This guy is half Greenlandic (is that the word for a native person of Greenland??) and when I was in my late teens he moved to Greenland to live with his mother after some very turbulent years (my mother loves to keep me updated about their lives) And her and I went to his fathers house to celebrate his Birthday despite him not being in the country and they called him to wish him happy Birthday, the phone was passed to me and after a very awkward and ultra short conversation I had to run to hug the toilet.

    He moved back to Denmark last year with his girlfriend who keeps him grounded and has turned him into a gentleman (thank you for the info mum) and he often does favours for her now.

    When I finally got to look at the man sitting across from me I realized he was half Greenlandic and could be his age... I haven't seen the man for years.

    I have no idea if it's him or not, but so many feelings are going through my head. When I finally got to my stop I knocked over everything and could barely grab my own bag from shaking.

    Ever since he moved back I've been scared to meet him...

    Last time I met him was 7 years ago; I was 18 and at work in a bakery in a supermarket, he smiled at me and called my name...

    I'm trying to distract myself... but my head keeps running in circles. I remember exactly what he did, even though at the time I thought what happened was just a game...
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