Thought I was fine but think I feel it again.

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Think I might be gettin depressed again. I've not posted In a while because I've been feeling really good. Fineally got myself a partner couldn't of created a better person she's everything I could ask for and more. Met her and within a week all my bad thoughts and things dissapeared she's now what I live for.

Been about 5 months and was doing great. So now why do I feel my depressive feelings coming back. Spoke to her about it and she told me that if I'm feeling it again she can't be making me happy. But she honestly is. That's not the problem. But I can't put a finger on what it is.

I told her a while ago that I couldn't remember what I used to feel I felt it for so long and that I wasn't sure if I missed it or not. But now I no I didn't miss it atall and I don't want to go back there again. Where it's lonely. Feeling like i'm in a hole clawing at the Walls trying in vain to escape.

She's now working for 2 weeks and I'm not hardly going to see her for a bit. It's only been 1 day and I was yearning to lie and cuddle her to feel her love close to me. I feel so pathetic thinking about it like I'm less of a man.

Now I don't no what to do with myself things just seem some what pointless again.

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i think it is time to talk to your doc okay maybe meds need to be started or increased if you are on them sometimes meds stop working after a period of time. Call your doc okay see what can be done to get you feeling better h ugs
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