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Thought i'd say hi

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I've been reading a few posts on here and thought I'd introduce myself.

At the moment I'm closer to suicide than ever before in a way it almost seems like an inevitability now.

To a large extent I'm just broken after my last relationship, though there are many other things. Just can't face feeling the way I do anymore.


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Hi pbobble!

I saw you signing up earlier, so I couldn't officially welcome you then... Hehe.. Here goes: nice to meet you. :)

Hope we can get to know you better, as we want to see you do well. :hug:

Take good care,



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Welcome to the community.

Very sorry to hear about the pain you are going through, but very proud of you for being here, alive. <3

Please know I'm available any time you would like to talk. :)

Take care! <3
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