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thought was this was v v sweet, is on facebook

Discussion in 'Positive Feelings and Motivational Messages' started by Spikey, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. Spikey

    Spikey Senior Member

    When your down and can't quite remember why you would ever think about being happy again just read this and smile:

    1. Classical music
    2. Beautiful voices
    3. The ‘blurb’
    4. Stars
    5. Silence
    6. Physical Representations
    7. Snuggles
    8. Sunrise and Sunset
    9. Smiles
    10. Nuzzles
    11. Cold toes
    12. Smoothness
    13. Beautiful views
    14. Tour
    15. Captured moments
    16. Jewish penicillin
    17. The Perfect Rose
    18. Disney
    19. Speech impediments
    20. Pure jumper days
    21. laughing so much it hurts (sara)
    22. the rain.. (sara)
    23. the cold side of your pillow (sara)
    24. when someone says bless you (sara)
    25. On Friday nights when you light the candles and close your eyes (sara)
    26. unexpected texts
    27. ‘the’ good times
    28. making wishes on eyelashes (sara) and those dandelion flowers which you blow on.
    29. Talking to strangers (sara)
    30. Making friends
    31. The make up hug
    32. Starbucks dates
    33. Pom pom bears
    34. waking up to the person you love (sara)
    35. waking up to realise you can go back to sleep
    36. Incense
    37. The accapella version
    38. Believing in fairies
    39. Tour reunion
    40. Remakes and there originals
    41. closing your eyes and not caring
    42. The ‘First’
    43. Laughing and Kissing – simultaneously
    44. To be thought of
    45. Elizabethan times: clothing, speech and all
    46. Lights
    47. Christmas
    48. Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine,Pocahontas and all the other disney princesses.
    49. Lyrics
    50. ‘’
    51. …
    52. Finishing the module
    53. Folders
    54. Prefect notices
    55. When it goes right
    56. Elaborating
    57. Nicknames
    58. Revision time tables
    59. dance routines
    60. Hot chocolate after the snow
    61. Odd socks
    62. ‘Him’
    63. Amazing books
    64. The equation sheets
    65. The distraction
    66. Music time
    67. Med school
    68. That selfless act
    69. routine
    70. special biscuits
    71. Free lunch
    72. Patriotism
    73. ‘Craig’
    74. The feeling on the sun beating down on bare flesh
    75. Teddy bears
    77. Memories
    78. Homework diaries
    79. Childhood stories
    80. primary school pictures
    81. Old school
    82. Your very own locker
    83. Those who live to inspire
    84. ..and teach
    85. The park
    86. Lessons learnt
    87. Forgiveness
    88. Hotmail
    89. The cold side of the pillow
    90. Gentlemanliness (shown beautifully by Daniel Bloom)
    91. The Rain
    92. Outward expressions
    93. ‘I love you’
    94. The realisation of truth
    95. Bravery – all forms
    96. E-mails
    97. ‘you awake’ texts
    98. Thinking about the future and whats in store
    99. Old Friends
    100. and the New
    101. A beautiful car…1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 (Sanford)
    102. Sunsets on the beach (Sanford)
    103. That perfect vocal harmony (Sanford)
    104. Those out of the blue moments (Sanford)
    105. When you’re not forgotten after all (Sanford)
    106. Yid Army (Sanford)
    107. Nights in on the sofa (Sanford)
    108. Rebbe Nachman! (Sanford)
    109. All your friends crammed into a photo booth (Sanford)
    110. When babies fall down - ''harsh but cute''! (Jacob)
    111. Cooking..cookies..cakes..bread..
    112. Seeing something through to the end.
    113. when the traffic lights are on your side. (Sanford)
    114. Bumping down the stairs in a sleeping bag. (Ellen)
    115. Blowing on those flower things and making wishes.
    116. Opening letters - getting letters even that aren't from the bank or BA.. (Dina)
    117. Stepping on a crunchy leaf (Dina)
    118. Being the first step in fresh snow.
    119. The smell of a good bakers.
    120. Intellectual convosation.
    121. Picking off the best bits of the cake/gingerbread man/decorated item.
    122. New years and there potential (Sara)
    123. Sandwiches.
    124. Being the only one in a cinema screen. (Dave)
    125. When you can wear contact lenses and everything that was once blurry is now clear! (Simon)
    126. Eyes, the window to your soul.
    127. toasted marshmellows (Ellen)
    128. rainbows (Ellen)
    129. money from the tooth fairy (Ellen)
    130. Performing or being performed to. (Ellen)
    131. When things go your way. (Simon)
    132. Finishing coursework/work. (Gaon)
    133. Findin substantial sums of money. (Gaon)
    134. Finding a lucky penny.
    135. First Loves (Emma)
    136. Duvet Days (Emma)
    137. Pay day (Emma)
    138. The admiration given by a loving dog. (Anthony)
    139. The smell of warm dog (Anthony)
    140. The Simpsons (Anthony)
    141. The thought that 24 will be back on! (Anthony) - and the anticipation for any tv show thats coming back for a new season!
    142. Freshly cut grass.
    143. Smell of a good meal.
    144. Going to the beach (Debbie)
    145. Love Stories.
    146. Knowing that tomoro is anutha day (Shane)
    147. The last rolo (Shane)
    148. Finding Wally (Shane)
    149. Biting into the jammy bit of a doughnut (Shane)
    150. Listening to the singing of birds (Shane)
    151. Birthdays (Shane)
    152. When the sun shines through the grayest of clouds.
    153. Hot Days, Cool Breeze.
    154. First snowflake/rain drop (Gaon)
    155. Snowdays (Gaon)
    156. Long weekends.
    157. Fairytales.
    158. Being a tourist.
    159. Seeing old friends.
    160. Musicals.
    161. Sugar Highs.
    162. Long Corridors.
    163. Singing.
    164. Dizzy Ducks.
    165. Reminising.
    166. Time to evaluate.
    167. ''1 Message Recieved''.
    168. Accomplishing something.
    169. Possibility.
    170. Retail Therepy (Saul)
    171. smelling someone who smells real good (Saul)
    172. that friday night smell (Saul)
    173. feeling 'in love' (Saul)
    174. Monkey Ball.
    175. Classic Mario.
    176. Random Acts of Kindness (Eldeweiss)
    178. helping someone in need (Rachel)
    179. shooting stars (Rachel)
    180. chocolate (Rachel) melted or otherwise.
    181. smell of petrol (Rachel)
    182. lying in long grass (Lucy)
    183. clearing the mess off your floor (Lucy)
    184. making something that looks good when you're finished (Lucy)
    185. hugs with best friends (Lucy) - and hugs in general.
    186. "just thought i'd say hey, thinking of you" (Lucy)
    187. finding money down the back of the sofa (Lucy)
    188. falling into a clean bed (Lucy) - and a made bed..
    189. warm surf (Lucy)
    190. phone call from people you haven't spoken to for ages (Lucy)
    191. finding the courage to say what you feel (Lucy)
    192. Aspiration..(Jemma)
    193. Anticipation.
    194. Reunions.
    195. School Plays.
    196. Official Countdowns.
    197. Road Trips.
    198. Paying it Forwad.
    199. Friends - old, new, far, near. (Ellen)
    200. Winning (Gaon)
    201. Someone there..(Daliah)
    202. Knowing the truth (Ariel)
    203. Welcomed messages (Daniel)
    204. Being able to laugh at things in the past.
    205. Dressing up.
    206. Lists.
    207. Spontaneous outbursts of song.
    208. That after waxed feeling. (Rach)
    209. Sticky Toffee Pudding.
    210. Long Walks.
    211. Trampolins.
    212. Tanoy Systems.
    213. ..Knowing that the person who inspires you is the same person who has so much faith in you (Jess)
    214. Free Hugs.
    215. Belonging.
    216. Train Journeys With Friends.
    217. Waking Up and Being Able To Go Back To Sleep.
    218. Les Miserables.
    219. Play Rehursals.
    220. Fresh Sheets (Alex)
    221. Freedom from work. (Clogit)
    222. ''findin a fiver in ur wallet when u didnt no it was there'' (Danny)
    223. ''watchin the mud wash off u afta a football match'' (Ariel) and just generally when your really dirty and have a nice long shower/bath and get into clean clothes mmm.
    224. Mud /Water Fights...and sports in the mud (Lucy)
    225. Using chemicals and burning things irresponsibley (Gaon)
    226. SNOW
    227. Jokes (all kinds) (Ariel)
    228. Aftershave/Perfume (Ariel) - When someone who smells good walks right past you
    229. KEENNESS (Ariel) - mind you only in the right proportions :)
    230. New things. (Noses..Max)
    231. To Live For The Moment. (Sara)
    232. Taking Advice.
    233. Milk Time
    234. ''putting warm underware on in the morning after its bin on the radiator all night' (Shauli)' or anything warm on after coming in from th cold..or out th shower..like ur towel after you have it on th radiator :)
    235. Confidence. (Gaon)
    236. Perudo and other shabbos/rainy day games. (Ellen)
    237. "The back of Cereal packets in the morning." (Chloe)
    238. Dancing like no-one is watching.
    239. The ''Older Cousins'' Table.
    240. Nice Smells- All (Ari)
    241. Feeding the Ducks. (Fine)
    242. Reliving Childhood Memories.
    243. Flag Dances.
    244. Midnight Phone Calls. (Elena)
    245. ''watching animals in the wild'' (Ben)
    246. Saving People.
    247. Shabbat.
    248. Shabbatons.
    249. Purim.
    250. Eccentricness.
    251. Chemistry Texts (Gaon)
    252. Finally Being Able To Wee :) (Max)
    253. The one after the 'last'. (Daniel)
    254. Disney Songs - of all kinds (Yael)
    255. ''lighting a match and smelling it'' (Yael)
    256.''When someone was thinking exactly what you were thinking/ when you both say the same thing at the same time'''' (Yael)
    257. ''FRIENDS (especially 'The One Where Eddie Won't Go' (S02 E19))'' (Yael)
    258. ''waking up and realising u've still got a couple of hours to sleep and waking up and its a sunny day and going to the beach early in the morning and staying all day lying in the sun'' (Michal)....i wish but why would you want to sleep for a few more hours when you can get up to that!..
    259.''finding some money in an old wallet or bag u havent usd in ages :)'' (Michal)
    260. ''reuniting with sum1 u havent seen in ages'' (Michal)
    261. ''Being told i love u :)'' (Michal)
    262. Child's laughter. (Lexi)..any innocent and pure laugh
    263. Being Back...the first glimpse of the horizon (Ryan)
    264. ''in the holz waking up in the morning wen the sun is out and i dont have to go to school'' (Bethany)
    265. New..(shoes..Rebecca)
    266. Change of wardrobe. (Rebecca)
    267. ''wtching someone else experience something for the first time.'' (Rebecca)
    268. ''knowing theres a hug waiting for you at the end of a hard day.'' (Rebecca)
    269. '' making plans you probably will never keep.'' (Rebecca)
    270.''creating love stories about yourlef and your celebrity crush!'' (Rebecca)
    271. Sweeties (skittles..Rebecca)
    272. Baby Photos (Rebecca)
    273. Tru Karma (like when finiding out ur old heart break is now fat and spotty...Rebecca)
    274. reminiscing (Ness)
    275. big hugs from your grandparents. (Ness) and big hugs in general.
    276. Knowing. (Ness)
    277. Favours. (Ariel)
    278. When storylines are just how u imagine them to be (Josie)
    279. The clocks going forward. (Josie)
    280. No Hangover - when you deserve it..(Hannah)
    281. ''curling up with my cat in front of the fire'' (Elena)
    282. New songs (Ariel)
    283. Finished work. (Neil)
    284. Haircuts. (Shane)
    285. caputring the moment on your camera
    art (Erika)
    286. flowers (Erika)
    287. running barefoot through the grass (Erika)
    288. playing fetch with your dog (Erika)
    289. teasing your cat (Erika)
    290. best friends (Erika)
    291. writing something that you are pleased with (Erika)
    292. new books (Erika)
    293...and beloved ones (Erika)
    294. shopping (Erika)
    295. movie marathons (Erika)
    296. biking around town (Erika)
    297. discoveringa new "Secret spot" (Erika)
    298. make beleive (Erika)
    299. dress up (Erika)
    300. pearls and perfume (Erika)
    301. antiques (Erika)
    302. beach time (Erika)
    303. picnics (Erika)
    304. running around for no reason (Erika)
    305. giggle fits (Erika)
    306. tickle fights (Erika)
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    Thanks for posting this!!
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