Thoughts and Feelings on Like-Bait on Social Media

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Hi everyone, I haven't posted on here in a little while but this morning as I checked Facebook I saw a status from one of my friends that compelled me to let out some thoughts and feelings.
As usual whenever I check Facebook most of my newsfeed was full of memes and the like, then I saw a long status that to me seemed nothing more than like-bait.
The status talked about suicide and depression (not exactly in great detail) - the bulk of the status was basically a call for likes and shares. While I can understand the need for stuff like this to be shared I got the feeling that this was nothing more than like-bait.
The status was made by a popular girl and has so far since been posted yesterday at 16:28 gained 25 Likes/Loves. I do not know how many shared it. Among those who liked the post were some of my friends. I refused to like something that seems like nothing more than like-bait; something to validate a person as a good person online. It's good intentions are therefore meaningless.
The post mentioned it being for moral support. As someone who has had suicidal thoughts and depression myself I can't help but feel somehow disrespected by this post. It does not help me in any way whatsoever. The people I know who liked it as well as the poster have never been there for me in real life when I have been struggling so why is it that they act all high and mighty and take the moral high ground when on social media such as Facebook?
I believe it is because they wish to validate their good nature to the rest of the online world. To their countless so-called "friends". In reality, only 5% or less of these people will actually care.
I want to fight back against this kind of like-bait. It is not right. It does not really make a difference. These people claim to care online but when they could clearly see I was struggling and when I admitted I have depression, suicidal feelings, and self-harm (at one point I had a total breakdown right in front of them) only one person actually came and comforted me.


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It is way too easy to like and share those things; and as you say, some might do it for their own image...

Social media is a strange thing really, I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not. It can surely create a lot of stress if you are already vulnerable. I mainly use it to keep up with my friends who moves all over the country after school... and to keep track of our events.

But there's many ways to use it... some, especially younger people might use facebook as a prestige thing... thinking it's all about the number of likes... some seriously suffer from FOMO, and it takes a very big toll on their life. That need to look perfect all the time must be so tough.
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