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Thoughts building up again.

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I have no intention of killing myself. Its my moms birthday.

Regardless thats all i keep thinking about. I can do it his way or that way or that other way. I can walk down the road walk into the hotel take the elevator up and.... You get it. (is it against the rules to post that? Mods edit that i so please.)

But i wont do these things. This may pass. Kill me before i have to kill myself please.


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These are very difficult days and some of the monsters definitely come out during these times...please keep posting and getting support here so you know that there are ppl who understand and care...J
I'm glad that you don't intend to kill yourself, sorry to hear that it's on your mind so much

are you getting any kind of help or treatment?

do you want to talk about why you feel this way?

total eclipse

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I too hope you are on some meds to help decrease the obseessive thoughts you are having your mom loves you and needs you well Happy Birthday to her and i hope you both can spend a lovely day together hugs
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