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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Perishable, May 27, 2008.

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  1. Perishable

    Perishable Well-Known Member

    Properly, I have no stationary way to start.
    It's been a while since I have posted, but I have some thoughts that need escaping. I feel drowned. I'm losing connection with all that makes me go forth and exsist. I have desicions to make.
    I think its my two sided desicions that are getting me down.

    There are two guys in my life.
    I can't chose one.
    There are two career choices in my life.
    I can't chose one.
    There are two things I can do for a lot of things.
    ...yet, the choice remains unanswered.

    Plus, Recently, I had a friedn who passed away.
    I hate my mother. (She hates me in return)
    So, what ever prospects of emotion that can be delt with that, are delt with very badly.

    .........................................I just don't feel like explaining in depth what's going on...
    ....blah. :dry:
  2. Gunner12

    Gunner12 Well-Known Member

    You don't have to explain in depth if you don't feel like it.

    As for choices, which one do you think suits you better. List down the goods and bads of each job, and see how well you match to each one.

    As for boyfriends, I'd say follow your heart, but then I've never been in a relationship so I can't say much.

    I'm sorry about your friend.
  3. underthestars

    underthestars Active Member

    *hugs-Im sorry about your friend.

    Ik what its like to not be able to chose with boyfriends. Its tough to hurt either one. But maybe you should take a step back from both of them for a little while. Focus on getting yourself better. If they really care,they'll both still be there.
  4. innocencexisxlove

    innocencexisxlove Well-Known Member

    Pros and Cons lists. They always help me. List the good&&bad like Gunner said. It really can work. :]

    PM me if you need anyone to talk to

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