thoughts going through my head 24/7

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  1. skinnylove911

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    Im scared im going crazy and don't know how to stop it
    things are startig to really get on top of me now
    my head's really anxious and can't stop thinking
    should i do a-levels with mdlc or give up studying, will it make better or worse
    should i go for uni this year with the clearing options or wait a year*
    Can I mentally afford to take another year away my dream career
    all these decisions I really can't decide what to do
    Is my brain really crazy or am I being useless and pathetic
    Have I been kidding my self, am i reall dumb person
    am i getting parnoid or is my head thinking im paranoid
    is my mh really suffering
    will i ever recover or will always feel this sh**
    have i got the mental brain of 16 year old or someone in their twenties
    Am I sane or insane
    How long will be on ESA
    am i constantly thinking and it's making me paranoid
    are the pills making think this or am i thinking this way
    was j+m right about my IQ results?
    do i really want live another 24 hours?

    *i didn't get into uni because of reference problems nothing to with my academic abilities, i already have an access qualification and open uni and was thinking of doing the a-levels as something to keep myself occupied and increase what i have got.
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  2. Perfect Melancholy

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    I hope you're feeling better now? Just drop me a message if you need to chat
  3. Theodora

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    I think it would help if you addressed reality rather than the fantasy world you create to make yourself feel better. That only works for brief period because you know most of it is lies. Doesn't help you, doesn't help us to help you. I expect you will reject this and continue to stalk me. That's very, very sad.
  4. flowers

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    Hey, SL I am so sorry you are in this much pain. I have read so many posts where you reach out to help people. Do you have anyone irl eg a therapist who can help? Sounds very painful where you are right now.