Thoughts on European Union?

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  1. Mordeci

    Mordeci Banned Member

    Just thought with the trouble in Greece, I would start a general thread on the E.U., austerity, and where it is all heading. Honestly economics have never been my strong point but from my prespective I am not crazy about the austerity measures, historically I think it always leads to trouble, but at the same time I am not entirely sure where the EU is headed right now econimcally, but it is intresting to watch.
  2. Drake

    Drake Well-Known Member

    You want the truth , EU is a big pile of bullshit , southern europe are beter off being seperated from the north of europe .
    Why ? cause stupid prices of commodity needs to be rebalanced or salary increased .

    Now northen Europe is acting like they are supporting the whole crap , yeah they are supporting the whole crap to shit .
    Raising all commodity and luxury and imposing stupid rules , without imposing the salary INCREASE to match the buying power of northen Europe economy .

    Stupid bunch of politicians with no brains and no clue how the world works , other then statistics and numbers .
    And whole bunch of idiotic northen european and western people , who all believe what ever media tells them .
    Here is the fat real deal . bread costing 2 times the price , without matching salary increase .. means less bread being sold .
    Sure you need to equel prices for neighbouring countries , but how about equalising all salary troughout Europe first ?
    So interesting to watch what , I rather watch paint dry , then watch the garbage being spewed on the news .
    Maybe the whole world only consists of city like Tokoyo , New York , London , Paris , Amsterdam Athenes , Madrid Barcelona and other major capitols .
    How about the lesser cities in your own country :p
  3. justMe7

    justMe7 Well-Known Member

    It was a great idea, but a poor execution, with no potential for evolution or respect for the individuals of the EU. I don't know the specifics of it, nor do I see much progression in it as far as learning to work together and respect eachother and our cultures so we can effectively communicate, from all our different walks of life, for common goals.

    $ £ % :( At best it shows that we can collectively unite. The shared currency was brilliant, in the fact that something we use as a medium for all possessions and "wealth" was generic across the board. A real close step to showing how much something is "worth". Unfortunatly, it's running off the same bullshit that imprisons people to be work horses and allows those who are capable and willing to manipualte and abuse systems across the board. It may have allowed the introduction of many unique laws and respects because of the cross country unification, but it has absolutly failed to show respect for the people in europe as a whole.
    It's a high mans Risk game... it shows nothing of equality for the individuals of the EU.. not to the state that it potentially could have. Poorly assembled for the long term, or perhaps it was unable to take on the stress of world economics and individual country strive, aswell as hordes of people wanting a better life. It is a sad fact when one countries people in the EU leave their own country for a more prosperous country in the EU. The EU should have strived to help proceed and bring these countries that are suffering out of these oppressive brinks, but instead.. it positioned people to leave, instead of helping them. To me, now it is tainted by money... control, and lies. Where someone can stand up and say that one country is failing and needs to be kicked out.
    Kicked out? That is a collapse of the ethical conceptual structure of unity for a more progressive future. Where is the inspiration? Where are the people driving this to bring something more to the people who are doing their best with the limited resources at their disposal? Where is the future for people in the eu? Not the countries, but the people?
    It's poorly managed... it's not driven. It's message has been lost.. and the mess it's left behind will make people think twice about a future that brings us together where we work to make our planet and species prosperous for everyone.

    It does not understand respect. It fucks the old human chain, money. It lays in the bed with the deviousness of our own nature, instead of bringing out parts of the best of what makes us who we are.

    I wonder how these countries felt when they let go of their own ways and transitionalized and gave their trust into this. Pretty fucking let down I would imagine. You don't make a commitment and then let it compress forcing you to compromise the standings that founded such a collective. ..blah..blah...blah... sorry. I wish it was alot more... but it's struggeling. To keep something salvagable alive. Alteast there is a framework implace. But the way it's developed, and how it is being used, especially by those who can harness it's potential and application is saddening to me, and horrendous to those who are being left behind. You don't bring people together unless they know what they are putting into it. It has too many black holes, "need to knows" ... ect. It's just another yesterdays collective, that's trying to still maintain the better parts of equality. Through it's own dillusional ways. Atleast it's not too harshly fear mongering people into action.

    I suppose it's one of those 100+ year evolutionary systems they are trying to impose so people get used to it but.. wasn't set up right, and it's not being honest now. Bank bailouts and stuff... :( More chains. An old but effective method of progression that we seriously need to start evolving out of. But even in that.. idk. lesser of two evils. It needs to stay, so we can grow out of it. Watch it collapse? No, I don't believe that is acceptable. Not in anyway shape or form. People say leave.. I say its the duty of the politicians that convinced(forced?) their people to join, to expand and re-define what the EU is, and start shining as examples to what we can do together, without chaining people down with more laws and taxes, that just inadvertantly forces us two steps backwards. Maybe in contrast the EU shows what happens when the people don't care. When people aren't respected and given chances. When liars and cheaters and allowed to hold positions and aren't held accountable. When mis-managment of peoples time and effort(money) is distributed in ways that shows no real progressive impact, or very little. Their should be massive commitments to problems that the EU tackles, and that should create massive wakes of inspiration for what we can do together in a honest humane way. Instead, ... idk what they are trying to do now. They have created a beautiful network of freedom, but I wonder if it avoided the most dangerous of problems just to get somethings inplace for people to enjoy. Idk.. it's done a amazing job in one sense, but that doesn't justify the decay that we are stuggeling with now, and have been even before the eu was formed.

    Idk i find it slightly interesting in trying to unite countries, when countries struggle to unite their own people, when people struggle to work together because they are still struggeling to be free in their own rights. Let alone trying to unite across a cultural board with laws and ways, especially for a distinction of a general value for common things. You can't create a beautiful world if you allow decay at your core, nor can you even begin to work together if you can't even understand yourselves, let alone your neighbours in a respectable way.
    It's going through a rough time.. and the damage it's causing is horrible. But, in fairness, there are people who are striving to make the best of that I suppose with what they have been given. So... idk. Personally I think we're ignoring alot of realistic questions because we simply dont have the means of implementing them in a level of respect that everyone and every culture deserves.
  4. Butterfly

    Butterfly Sim Addict Staff Alumni SF Author SF Supporter

    Think the EU is a big pile of bullshit. The sooner the UK gets out of it the better. Why should some pen pusher in Brussells tell me whether I can fart or not? Austerity will lead to disaster, and soon the Euro will collapse and cause a whole new big pile of shit.
  5. OutCaste

    OutCaste Well-Known Member

    It's a sick joke.

    They know that it has become unsustainable, yet they insist on bailing out bank after bank until the next new problem arises.

    First it was greece, then italy, then spain, then the greek problem was apparently "solved", now the bank downgrades etc etc

    They are just buying more time for I don't know what.

    2008 style collapse is inevitable.
  6. OutCaste

    OutCaste Well-Known Member

    In laymans term, they are trying to fix a debt problem by piling on more debt. The United States is doing the same thing. And boy, when the US collapses, it will be equivalent of a global financial armaggeddon. 16 trillion debt that can't be payed back.
  7. Hache

    Hache Well-Known Member

    There is a MASSIVE difference between the EU and the Euro. The two are not the same thing but the eurozone has a big impact on the EU due to the number of EU states operating that currency.

    The EU has done many good things but the push for power is sickening, the unlected leaders are corrupt as fuck. They make laws to help corporations who pay them big sums. The European court should not have power over the UK IMO.
  8. Moat

    Moat Banned Member

    Sounds like the perfect thing to bring about the rise of the Oceanic Republic to me.

    dango dango^^
  9. Hache

    Hache Well-Known Member

  10. Issaccs

    Issaccs Well-Known Member

    The EU has its value, the Euro currency however has shown how vulnerable it is but its a seperate issue. We need the EU as a support network against the aggresive trade policies of the States and the Chinese. Trouble is those in charge need to remember thats there job, not stipulating what shape a banana has to be.
  11. Hache

    Hache Well-Known Member

    Certainly the EU has done a lot of good. But right now it's a hinderance not a help.

    75% of our laws come from the EU, in some cases these keep our own governments in line. Great. However in other cases these laws form out of dodgy deals made by unelected individuals.

    Case and point Starbucks have not paid any corporation tax in the United Kingdom. Why? Because EU law says if they operate in multiple EU countries they only have to pay corporation tax in one of them. So they go for where tax is cheaper, fleecing the British people, our money goes into their company, British customers buying products on British soil and the tax from that profit going to someone else's government. This is bang out of order.

    David Cameron promised to get powers backs from the "EUSSR", but like most things in his reign, he has bottled it, he's a bottle job, a liar, he has worked minimally against the EU. Euro skepticism is rife across Europe, none more so than the UK, but like in many other things the British public and press are not taken seriously in mainland Europe, why? Because we are a lynch mob, we tell them how it is, we tell them they are corrupt and doing a terrible job and they don't like it, they don't like the way we do things culturally and so shut us out, ignore us, oh those Brits are moaning again.

    We are sharp losing a lot of power to Brussels and in the current economic climate this EU and the Eurozone are a massive negative because they prevent all the members from putting their own countries right first. The EU was working well during the boom, but the bust is exposing errors and faults and the worrying thing is the people in power in the EU couldn't give a shit, the public have no voice over the European Union. We've gone from democracy to a soviet like state.
  12. Hache

    Hache Well-Known Member

    Hot topic at the moment is that the EU wants a 6% rise in its budget, that will mean the UK will have to pay £2bn a year more. In a time of austerity these idiots want more money. David Cameron is going to veto it, if he does then the current budget and a 2% rise will happen, Cameron wants a complete freeze.

    Angela Merkel is angry at Cameron's threat of veto. Of course she would be, she needs more money in the pot to be fed to those little countries on their knees in her currency zone.

    We need to get out of this shit Union, sadly I have no faith in Cameron, there is a meeting this month in Brussels and I would bet he crumbles and accepts a compromise over the budget rises.
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