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  1. fromthatshow

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    From personal experience...

    I believe that all that exists comes from fear. All that does not exist comes from love. Fear does not exist. Nothing exists.

    Love = reality = silence = void = being = oneness/complete/perfect = acceptance = truth
    Fear = fantasy = noise = form = doing = creation & destruction (existence, polarity) = denial = deceit

    All of the things in the fear list are not just fear, they are also all the other things on the list. For example, fantasy is denial, creation is noise.

    It's funny that we think of creation as loving. Conceiving a child. The creation of the Earth. We generally look at creation as positive. But it is not truth. It is trying to be something which it is not. It is trying to exist. If we accept that nothing exists, creation is just an act of denial, and stems from fear.

    To exist is to be afraid. Love (nothing) is all there is.
  2. forseer

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    From an evolutionary point of view fear was there to help us avoid the bad things. Unfortunately it seems to have evolved to the point where the part of your brain wants to make you worry and suffer so it can feed on it. If only it was possible to reverse it. Trouble with existence is that unexistence has to exists like matter and anti-matter and makes things weird.
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