Thoughts on Innocence

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Solid12, Sep 7, 2011.

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  1. Solid12

    Solid12 Member

    When the words start falling from mind to page

    When that null empty feeling burns up into rage

    When you sit in a chair with your hands tied behind

    When you can’t grab those words your trying to find

    and that sick sense of fear amasses to dread

    and you can’t rid these words from out of your head

    and your nails start peeling the dry wood away

    and that storm that was threatening is breaking today

    and you sit and wonder who thrust this on you

    why are there the words to say what is true

    why have I been told to sit here and write

    why am I condemned to dwell in the night

    where the dark enters gladly braving the fight

    where it burns and shimmers attacking the light

    and the feeling comes back that sprang up before

    and the wind through the window closes the door

    That this is your fate your fated to sit

    under the lamp that so faintly lit

    the scribbles of old now cast to the floor

    all huddled together so dull and so poor

    and the beat of your heart reminds you of what

    the mind that is absent so soon forgot

    that your pen wrote what sits on the floor

    that your pen made what you now deplore

    that those penned words you used to adore

    that you cannot find the words any more

    that writing these lines turns into a chore

    that the clean blank page is a herald of war

    but there’s something that tries to break from your head

    there’s something that troubles when you’re lying in bed

    there’s some truth in there that wants to be found

    there’s something that has to be born into sound

    and you chase it through streets filled with drunks

    and you chase it through the mottled tree trunks

    and you chase it when it seems too far

    and you chase it with whisky to prop up a bar

    and then it feels so close just out of your grasp

    and your hands scythes air too eager to clasp

    that feeling you once had when you were born

    before the arrival of the breaking storm.
  2. saint6

    saint6 Well-Known Member

    This is really good, I like it a lot.
  3. Solid12

    Solid12 Member

    Thanks very much. People are nice on this forum, feels weird.
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