Thoughts on Suicide Publicity?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Christianv2, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. Christianv2

    Christianv2 Well-Known Member

    I was just curious what are all your guys thoughts on people that tape their suicide/do it live on tv (budd dwyer, bjork stalker, i dont know any others if you do let me know em) or post on the internet future suicide dates and blog about it (tania: suicide in 90 days)

    Do you think its wrong? Have you ever considered it? Do you find it intriguing to read em/watch em or is it dumb?
  2. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Personally, I think it is wrong, I think it encourages people that are unstable and vulnerable to follow in their footsteps.The blogs should be erased but i dont think theres much that can be done about committing suicide live on t.v. I have never and never will consider doing it.

    Christine chubbuck an American television news presenter committed suicide during a live televsion broadcast (the clip doesnt exist anymore).
  3. Christianv2

    Christianv2 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I read abit about her, I guess at first the camera guy thought it was fake and a prank so he kept recording and then slowlly the screen faded to black when the network realized what happened. I also heard that recently a few people have committed suicide on webcam in front of a chat room. Thats a bit horrid. Like there was a guy in Britain who recently did it, and there is some guy named Brandom who was known as the ripper who OD and died on webcam to prove he was hardcore.
  4. ggg456

    ggg456 Guest

    I don't think it's wrong but it's interesting as it says a lot about what the person was trying to say. I couldn't ever watch something like that though. I think suicide is not only suicide it's something somebody is trying to say. I'm much better alive and shouting a lot rather than dead where people can weep and moan away at their "loss" :dry:

    I frankly am not interested in people blogging about their suicide or taping it or anything or making it a public spectacle or making it a 'countdown'. I have a sister who thrives off drama, of "saving" her boyfriend through abuse and control and I just can't be bothered with it all. Lots of suicidal/self harm gestures can also be a type of abuse to other people (close relations/friends etc), (or perhaps they've generally just had enough and just want to say 'fuck you' to the world for not helping them) depending on the person themselves,...whether it is 'wrong' or 'right' I don't like to say, but everything says something and that doesn't mean the person involved isn't in some kind of personal hell themselves. I'm just someone who believes in personal responsibility and not damaging others. Making a tape or a countdown to me, isn't something I'd enjoy think that others would get a rush from it, or get upset from it. No.

    But people have been fascinated with death, seeing people die and suffer since forever. It's just how technology is used nowadays.
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  5. touglytobeloved

    touglytobeloved Well-Known Member

    Your life, your decision.
    I will not judge to anyone who will commit suicide.
    For me, personaly, suicide is not a spectacle, and it should be done in private, in silence, and if its possible, no one should know about that.
    But, if someone else thinks different than me, and he wants so make a spectacle of his dead, i cant say its wrong. he can do that. Its my decision if i want to watch it or not.
  6. nedflanders

    nedflanders Well-Known Member

    I guess I'm the odd man out, then, because I'd prefer to do it in front of a crowd of strangers. If I'm going to go to all that trouble, I might as well share the joy.

    But the people who go in for publishing countdowns and so forth really irritate me for some reason.
  7. Hurted

    Hurted Well-Known Member

    Ask yourself how many people would have traumas and destroyed life...
    However if i would do suicide, probaly some people would see me, cause the only way i would die would be jumping from high buildings, which arent rare here where i live...
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  8. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    Suicide is one of the most personal things a person has to deal with in a lifetime. And so is the decision on how when and where one would decide to follow through. So if someone decides to "air" it that is their choice. How it affects those watching is out of anybody elses control. I would personally like to have others there, not to watch the "spectacle" of me dying, but for the sole purpose that I wouldn't be dying alone, like I've spent so much of my life. "Airing" it for others to see fulfills some wish for that person, their dying wish. And isn't there always such big to due about following or fulfilling a person's final or dying wishes? So I see it as that individual doing just that.
  9. Asari Attar

    Asari Attar Active Member

    I don't see the point of a public suicide unless you can ensure death before someone can help you. Publicity to me means the person wants to be helped, is trying to make a point, and is willing to die to make that point, but would rather not. I have used RL people, and used cutting, to make a point. Suicide, those thoughts, those feelings, those desires. I rarely share those unless I'm in the moment, and I don't want to go through even though I'm feeling them. If I'm feeling without the core desire then I will share, but if I'm going to I die alone. Not even the light of a candle to keep me company. I grew up in an emotional solitude that only one person managed to break with love instead of hate. If I were to take my own life, that solitude became my home, the only true home I had, and in it is where I would want to leave this place.
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