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thoughts, reasons and should I or shouldn't I.

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MS is not a terminal disease. i dont know where you got this from. it can be debilitating, but each and everyone is different. my OH had MS (primary progressive) but he never ever wanted to die, he fought to the end, and it wasnt the MS that killed him. i dont know how long ago you were diagnosed, but maybe you are still in shock or it has not been explained to you properly. MS is not a death sentence, you could live a normal life span and have no further symptoms..thats the cruelty of this disease, no one can predict where it goes. but it is not recognised as a life shortening disease. i can only assume that you feel so bad (understandably) as you are young which is unusual but that does not mean you wont have normal life span, even the neurologists cant predict that. forget the MS deal with your loss first as maybe that is clouding how you feel juggling so many plates...always here to talk re MS if you want. take care. live life and have something to talk about with your partner :shake:
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