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    When things get so bad that you feel like there's no reason to even go on, what do you do?? What do you say to the people that continuously fight and say to hang on? There are absolutely no words that I can possibly say to anyone that will ever make it okay or make it right. There is nothing that matters at the moment.

    Those words are swirling in my head and I can't get them out. He probably was better off never meeting me because all I've done is make things worse. Maybe I did kill him inside because that's what I am. I am a virus, a disease, an infection that will destroy you at a moments notice. Those words You Killed Him. He's not the same since he met you They are killing me inside and out. For three days I haven't been able to concentrate or focus. I know that I'm nothing, I know that I'm heartless. I know all of this

    I thought for once I'd think about me, because it's been made clear that I don't think about me. I think about others first and I let people walk all over me. Clearly people don't see, people want to see what they want to. For once I wanted to do for me and make sure i was okay, I wanted to fix me, actually smile and mean it BUT I see now that that's just me being selfish and i should stick to letting people step on me and walk on by.

    If I'm not around for awhile you know why, well actually you won't know why and I wo n't begin to even tell you why's no one's business but mine. So I'll say this one last time. I'm sorry for being me, I'm sorry for breathing.
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    Don't fuckin' bother speaking to me anymore. I don't want your words I don't want fuckin shit from you. I want you to fuckin' choke. You SUCK and I hope you die.