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man it can be tiring too read some of these or write especially christmas season. so glad there's ppl similar in the situation.

was wondering what are some things that keep you going?

for me its primarily music. i really like listening to cat power.

she suffered from depression too and considered ending it.

she was admitted to psych. hospital for a while too. -her own admission.

when someone like her does it it makes it sound romantic doesn't it?

whatever your going through just know this site is made for YOU!

neway hopefully make it though christmas. have a few problems of my own that keeps revolving in my head. i think the main thing is to keep communicating hey...well cheers ya
Yes, communicating with people is good.

Sometimes, just going out into the middle of nowhere and SCREAMING RANDOM WORDS helps too!! ^_^

Chocolate helps... lol.

God bless.


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i have yet to find the thing that helps me cos my problem is all the thoughts in my head which will not shut up, listerning to music or watching a dvd sometimes helps but mostly i tune out of what im doing and just think which is not what i want to do. maybe i will try the screaming thing if thats cool with roses. hmmm. its strange but most days i wounder weather i should be in a psych ward but i dont know if thats just cos my ex wanted me in one. the perfessionals dont seem to think its a good idea. i dont know cos no matter where i am i will still be my own worst enermy. so if people know any more ideas then please post here. thanks still here for starting this thread.
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