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    Today was much better. I feel a lot better than yesterday. Alyson did a good job of cheering me up (even if she was nagging about smoking). I have had a text off Lawra. She is now getting ready to go to uni so I will probably talk to her later. I told L about it all as well. Well J asked her if she knew. I am so scared about doing the actual thing but I will do it to make sure. L is so supportive am glad A asked me to talk to her. I wish you could have met her. You would have loved her.

    Life at home is just the same. No change. I am still spending all my time in my room. I felt really bad yesterday as I told you. A read this yesterday and she understood bout the trigger. I haven’t told her the rest. I don’t dare.

    I handed my achievement list in and she was happy with it (glad someone is). I actually feel ok today well not ok but not horrible either.

    I have two English essays that need to be in tomorrow but for once I have actually done them. Lawra is helping me with my Spanish she is lovely she really is.

    I have taken none today so far so L and A will be pleased with me. I really hope I get the RIGHT answer from the T. I don’t know how to cope if it comes back the wrong answer.

    L was shocked when I told her and she went mental with A.D she said if she ever saw him she would kill him.
    She is proper funny and kind and really nice and she always is there if I need to talk to someone unlike H one of my supposedly best m8s who cant even be bothered asking how I am just witters on bout who she has bedded recently or her latest crisis.


    Anyways mum I’m going to go.

    Love you mum and miss you loads. I still don’t think it has sunk in that I’m never going to see you again; least I still have your support through this.

    Write soon and have fun wherever you are. You deserve it! I am so glad your not in pain anymore I just wish you was still here.

    Speak soon,
    Love Becca
    X xx x x xx
Thread Status:
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