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I am a new member and I thought I would find some type of solice in this place till I see a doctor on June 8th. I have thoughts of suicide but dont actually want to kill myself I have been down this road before and know it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I have had a lot of thoughts of cutting myself just to relieve the emotional pain so i can focus on physical pain which I am all to familiar with having fibromyalgia. These feelings are amplified when my husband leaves and I am here alone with kids asleep etc. I usually cry have a panic attack and try doing other things to rid myself of these thoughts. I know one night its going to be to much and I will probably do it I just want to stop myself so I dont have scars I dont want to be one of those teenagers that cuts themselves... I am far from a teenager I am 28 years old unemployed and have a lot of circumstances behind my feelings. I was on prozac but it stopped working and was making my suicidal feelings worse so I got off of it and am waiting to see mental health next month. Although I wish I could go now the county here where I live does not work that way. I just want this pain to stop i want to be able to concentrate and live life again as I did before I hate that depression has consumed my life and I depend on a damn pill to be happy... just need some support something to get me through and most of all I need local friends I have zero of those that are really there for me or that I can see etc.

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Hi glad to see you reaching out this place lots of people care and understand that pain your in. I hope you always holdon hun for the sake of your children hugs


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welcome to the forum, i hope the june 8th appointment helps, we are always here if you want to ask things you feel you cant ask your doc.

stay safe
hey, I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering so much

I habitually recommend chinese medicine for both depression and other conditions. If you follow the link in my signature, there is also a book there about treating fibromyalgia. there may also be free excerpts from the book on-line

if you look into this, the theoretical elements probably won't make much sense, but there may be some suggestions there that help

does your husband know what is going on? is he supportive?
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