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don't know what to do


scared, hate flashbacks and being triggered

don't know how to get through tonight without si

want to scream and run

:i'm sorry:


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its all insignificant
Sure - I'd say that myself!

But its not insignificant - nor are you!

Feeling like you want to die is never insignificant.

But sometimes - once we let it out - we don't feel the same intensity - we are not alone!

My prayers and good wishes for you at this time.

The world needs you! - sure we might need it as much as it needs us - but bee bop a loo bop is what I say!

Friday - I'm going to get a bottle of whiskey and other things.

Its one of those days!

Wish you were here! :biggrin:
You are not alone. I want you to know that you are in my thoughts. Seems like you have been through this state before. You will make it through this dark night as well. Many people on this forum, including me, are pushing for you.

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