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Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by BlondRedHead, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. BlondRedHead

    BlondRedHead Well-Known Member

    Sorry to anyone I've upset and I forgive ya!
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  2. Ignored

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    I don't think that anyone likes to be personally attacked whether it is here or anywhere else. However, I think I know what you mean... like there should be more understanding and empathy from like minded people here? And I agree. Unfortunately, what you also have to take into consideration is that there are a lot of emotional, vulnerable and ill people here who sometimes don't think of others first. It's a mixed bag, that support and trigger-happy emotional response that people here have. If I've totally misunderstood you, apologies, but in a crap place and my brain may not have picked up what you were trying to say.
  3. PandorasToybox

    PandorasToybox Well-Known Member

    But sometimes people say things they shouldn't & when they realize their mistake use their illness as an excuse, everytime.
  4. BlondRedHead

    BlondRedHead Well-Known Member

    No thank you both for your responses. I felt so sh***y about all of this until I went into chat. I asked if anyone else had gone through a thread/pm fight and EVERY one of them was like, "Oh ya, it's common" so I feel worlds better. Every time I feel like this is it, this forum sucks, my life sucks or I have no faith in anyone... people like you guys care and respond. Thanks again.

    Oh and I know what you mean about the whole using the sickness as an excuse. I know a few people like that :)

    I need to stop seeking validation.
  5. PandorasToybox

    PandorasToybox Well-Known Member

    Its nothing bad, I think people only use it as an excuse due to embarrassment, but considering every single person on here is in a distressful & painful situation, & we're all tired, it happens. :poo:

    We vent & 5 minutes later we all forget about it ever happening. :biggrin:
  6. BlondRedHead

    BlondRedHead Well-Known Member

    That is the definition of me. I get so angry I might kill someone but two minutes later I am over it and want to go bowling or something.
  7. PandorasToybox

    PandorasToybox Well-Known Member

    &that honestly is not uncommon. We get worked up & then when the adrenalin goes down, we're fine :smile: Its probably more common here because we all tend to be sensitive on some topics. We're all carrying some form of unbearable weight that weakens us.
  8. Petal

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    :hug: Hope you can manage to sort it out :)..

    and yeah,these things happen all the time, don't worry so much about it, everyone's opinion isn't going to be the same, as long as we respect others,they shouldn't get out of control :)
  9. PandorasToybox

    PandorasToybox Well-Known Member

    Well said IrishDoll :smile: